Guardiola: ‘Get your third shot and wear a mask’

27 Dec 2021 | 02:57 | Football

Man City coach calls on fans to contribute to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic from re-emergence on a large scale in England.

“We should start over. Vaccinations, booster shots, hand sanitizer, social distancing and wearing masks. That’s the best way to protect from Covid-19. This way, restaurants are still there.” can open and football can go on. I believe in the message ‘Get vaccinated. This is the safest way to prevent the disease’. People don’t die with vaccines, they can die without vaccinations. We have to try to do this. Otherwise, you know, another hurdle may come. It will be repeated,” Guardiola urged the fans.

Man City coach also warned about subjectivity in England: “The thing that surprised me the most was that no one wore a mask when going to shopping centers. Right from the beginning, scientists affirmed, the best way to protect yourself. is to wash your hands and wear a mask. In Spain now it’s mandatory. There, people not only wear masks outdoors, but also in places of contact. Leaving the house is a must. face mask”.

According to the Daily Mail, last week, Guardiola went to a local vaccination center for a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

On average of the last seven days, the UK has 87,533 new infections. This number is many times higher than about 2,000 cases in April and 25,000 cases in September.

The increase in the number of infections could lead to hospital overcrowding and increase the number of deaths. It also brought many activities to a halt, including the risk of closing football stadiums.

“I don’t want the door of the football field to close to the audience. You can’t imagine how different it is with and without an audience. Those two things are completely incomparable. We did it. something to survive the pandemic. Thanks to that, we can play football and get paid. Hopefully the stadium closure doesn’t happen again,” said Guardiola.

Man City currently leads the Premier League with 44 points after 18 matches. Guardiola’s teachers and students are three points higher than the second ranked team Liverpool and the third ranked team Chelsea by six points. On the evening of December 26, they will play round 19 with a match against Leicester City.

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