Beijing 2022 Olympics: Forming a ‘health bubble’ around the Olympic Stadium

05 Jan 2022 | 00:22 | LATEST POSTS

Beijing 2022 Olympics – Source: Internet

On Tuesday, January 4, Chinese authorities installed a device that now prohibits all contact outside the area between people from overseas and local residents.

With less than a month left before the Winter Olympics (February 2-20), Chinese authorities are already taking health measures to reduce, if not avoid, the risk of contracting COVID-19. Thus, on Tuesday, January 4, a “health bubble” physically formed around the various Olympic venues.

All contact between local residents and people coming from overseas, where 3,000 players and support staff are expected, is prohibited outside of the area.

Chinese athletes and staff inside the bubble (volunteers, drivers, cooks, etc.) will not leave this “closed loop” after the quarantine period has passed until the end of the Paralympic Games (March 4-13).

When moving from one site to another, foreign entrants remain separated from the local population, for example vehicles reserved for high-speed trains leading to ski slopes.

If an audience is required to attend the event, none of them can come from abroad. And the Chinese who will follow this Olympics will not be able to get into the bubble.

AFP Organizing Committee Communications Manager Zhao Weidong said, “We will take very strict health measures, including daily corona testing, to quickly detect cases of infection within a closed loop.”

China, where the coronavirus emerged at the end of 2019, has established a so-called “coronavirus” strategy that aims to contain the spread of the virus through severe border restrictions, lengthy quarantines and targeted closures. Thus, Xi’an’s 13 million residents are forced to stay at home for nearly two weeks.

The organizers established a drastic protocol. All athletes coming to China must be vaccinated, otherwise they will be placed in upstream quarantine for 21 days. “We also recommend getting the extra dose,” said Zhao. “We are closely monitoring the new variants of Omicron and their global impact,” he added. “.

For example, with the Short Track World Cup held in Beijing in October 2021, French skaters have a preview of what will happen during the Olympics. Thibaut Méline, one of the two directors selected, said: “We have reached the end of the world scenario. We were alone at the airport, which is disinfected every 30 seconds. Little men in astronaut costumes were spraying everywhere. There was no skin sticking out of the reception staff. “

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