Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup 2022 Stage 11: Racer Tran Tuan Kiet takes back the sprint king’s blue shirt

17 Apr 2022 | 06:18 | LATEST POSTS

The racers fired early attack cannons, causing the racing team to push up from the start. Pham Le Xuan Loc (7th Military District) took the Sprint 1 award, Baasankhuu (GSB Dong Nai) took second place and Nguyen Truc Xinh (HCM New Group) took third place. Luong Van Sinh (Hanoi) attempted to create a successful team split and won the Sprint 2 prize. Nguyen Nhut Phat (620 Chau Thoi Vinh Long) finished second and Huynh Nguyen Dang Khoa (Army) finished third.
The racers offered spectators a spectacular sprint race.

The riders have since created a number of small attacks but remain under the control of the Loc Troi team, which protected Quang Van Cuong’s yellow and blue shirt. Similar to previous races, the riders completed the competition in large groups against riders with excellent sprinting ability. Tran Tuan Kiet (Dopagan Dong Thap) and Le Nguyet Minh (Ho Chi Minh City New Group) rushed to the finish almost simultaneously. Looking back at the record alone, racer Le Nguyet Minh was ecstatic when he won the race for the first time of the season.
Ho Chi Minh City driver Le Nguyet Minh (11) narrowly passed his rivals to win the race for the first time.

It can be said that the race around the ancient capital was very attractive with Li Ruanming and his older brother Li Wen Duan (now switched to training). Le Nguyen Minh shared after the victory: “Minh must be in a wonderful mood today, very happy, very happy. Hue is Minh’s beloved city. Minh is lucky in this place. Thank you to the Hue fans who came to welcome and cheer the game. The audience and the audience who love Minh.”
Racer Tran Tuan Kiet asked for his green jersey to be returned.

A second-place finish helped Tran Tuan Kiet regain his blue jersey title as the sprint king, which he lost to Quang Van Cuong in the previous race. In the green jersey standings after 11 stages, there are still close points: Tran Tuan Kiet 85, Nguyen Tan Hoai 84 and Quang Van Cuong 81. The title of white shirt for outstanding young drivers still belongs to Nguyen Van Binh (Ho Chi Minh City New Group). The Ho Chi Minh City Venama team remains the first in the team after 11 stages.

So far, after nearly half of the journey, the cycling competition of Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup-HTV Ton Dong A 2022 can be said to have been and is happening. A destination sprint race that shines for fans.

Tomorrow, April 17th, 2022 Ho Chi Minh City – Ton Dong A TV Cycling Cup stage 12 will be held from Hue to Da Nang with a total length of 113 kilometers. In this stage, the drivers have to conquer 3 levels: Phuoc Tuong, Phu Gia and Hai Van.

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