Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup Stage 9: Tran Tuan Kiet “takes” the blue jersey

06 May 2022 | 01:23 | LATEST POSTS

To ensure safety, the road was clear when the athletes reached the finish line. Before the ninth stage, the organizing committee decided to reduce the distance by 1.5 kilometers. The route from 207.5km to 206km is still the longest race of this year’s Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup – HTV Ton Dong A.

The race was long, but from the start, the racers were aggressive and looking for opportunities. Tran Thanh Quick (Ho Chi Minh City New Group), Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoa (Heavenly Seed), Nguyen Nhut Phat (620 Chau Thoi Vinh Long) successfully dropped off the list and won the first, second and third prizes in the vertical awards respectively. Sprint Road 1 .

Another powerful attack, forming another group to flee. Among them, Thanh Hoa and Nguyen Van Nha (Military District 7) made a joint breakthrough to create a “double horse” position. The top 2 are Nguyen Van Binh (Ho Chi Minh City New Group) in white shirt, Vu Minh Gia Po (Military District 7), Tang Quy Trong (Gao Tianzhu), Dang Van Baoying (620 Chau Thoi Vinh Long) . . . and the last one is dressed in yellow Shan Guangwenqiang’s strong driver.

Racing driver Tran Tuan Kiet officially stood up and took down the blue shirt of the sprint king
Racing driver Tran Tuan Kiet officially stood up and took down the blue shirt of the sprint king

Ho Hoang Son brilliantly took rookie Thanh Hoa to the top of the awards with Sprint 2, with Nguyen Van Nha taking second. In the rear, the drivers of the 7th Military District on the formation did not have to drag the crowd to chase, but slowed down to give way to Nguyen Van Nha at the top to open the gap. Loc Troi Group driver Gao Hac Ngoc Troi also did not chase, so Hoang Son and Van Nha created a distance of up to seven minutes at times compared to the crowd.

Entering the Ngang Pass, the young and energetic 18-year-old racing driver Nguyen Van Nha made continuous attacks, reached the top for the first time, scored 6 points, and was fortunate to wear the first red dot climbing king shirt of HTV Ton Dong A 2022 Cup.

At the end of the Ngang Pass (approximately 70 km from the finish line), Van Nha and Hoang Son increased the distance to top yellow jersey Quang Van Cuong to over 9 minutes. The top two are Nguyen Van Binh (New Group in Ho Chi Minh City), Vu Minh Gia Po (Military District 7), Tang Quy Trong (Rice Seeds in the Sky), Deng Van Bao An (620 Chau Thoi Vinh Long). Also created about 7 minutes behind the top yellow jersey.

In the award presentation of Sprint 3, which is 157 kilometers from the starting point, Ho Hoang Son continued to show better sprinting ability, taking the first place and Van Nha taking the second place. It was also the top 2 of the white-shirted Nguyen Van with a large group of strong drivers behind the Domesco Dong Thap Pharmaceutical team, Dong Thap Dopagan, Loc Troi Group and Rice Hac Ngoc Troi all chasing the top 2 of the white shirt Nguyen Van. Binh and the two leading drivers 1 is Hoang Son and Van Nha.

Huang Wenqiang’s crowd gradually caught up with the top 2, and then narrowed the gap with the former. About 10 kilometers from the finish line, the team caught up with the leading two drivers, Huang Shan and Fan Ya. It was not completed successfully, but Huangshan managed to escape more than 100 kilometers, and Van Nha deserves credit.

Teams rushed to the finish line in large groups, giving sprinters a chance to show off their skills. Nguyen Tan Hoai (Loc Troi Group) surpassed his competitors to reach the finish line first in 5 hours 8 minutes 9 seconds (average speed 40.11 km/h). Mongolian foreign soldier Erdenebat (Kenda Dong Nai) finished second and Nguyen Truong Tai (Vinama, Ho Chi Minh City) finished third. A first-place finish helped Tan Hoai move up to third in the yellow jersey and third in the blue jersey.

Racer Nguyen Tuan Kiet (Dopagan Dong Thap) finished 4th with 72 points for the sprint king blue jersey of Quang Van Cuong (Loc Troi Group), 3 points more than his opponent. Losing the blue jersey, Guang Wenqiang still retains the title of the most prestigious yellow jersey in the game. The title of white shirt for outstanding young drivers still belongs to Nguyen Van Binh (Ho Chi Minh New Group). The Ho Chi Minh City Venama team still maintains the No. 1 position in the team.

Tomorrow, April 15th, the players will participate in the 10th stage of the Ho Chi Minh City TV Cup, a 162-kilometer stretch from Quang Binh Dong Hoi to Hue Hue.

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