HAGL creates ‘ticket fever’ ahead of AFC Champions League 2022

08 May 2022 | 01:53 | LATEST POSTS

Heavy rain affects HO team training plan

Stable board and lodging, complete the most necessary procedures, including RT-PCR test results, the teams participating in the 2022 H-AFC Champions League group stage are very eager to go to the training ground to adapt to the time. Weather, Yard fights for good results in the first races over the next few days.

God didn’t please people, however, and just as the team was putting on their shoes for practice, it started to rain, even pouring rain.

In the 7th Military District, HAGL is looking forward to the first match against Yokohama F.Marinos, a practice match starting at 16:00 pm. But after about 20 minutes of practice, it started to rain. Perhaps trying to get the students acclimated to the rain and humidity so they wouldn’t be surprised to play in the same conditions, Coach Chiatisak is determined to keep practicing.

HAGL creates 'ticket fever' ahead of AFC Champions League 2022
Coach Kiatisak celebrates Songkran New Year with his students.

The HAGL training lasted an hour and a half during most of the training session when it was raining heavily. It can be seen that defense is the main requirement of “Zico Thai” this training, because he is forging 6v7 most of the time. At the end of the training, the HAGL players practice shooting.

At this time, Thais are experiencing the traditional New Year’s Day, which is Songkran. As a Thai, coach Kiatisak cannot forget his country’s heritage.

At the end of the training session of the seventh military region, the forward lineman held a ceremony such as smearing lime and splashing water on the faces of the players to commemorate the tradition of his hometown. At the same time, he introduced the unique culture of the Golden Temple to the members of the Shancheng football team.

Despite the downpour, HAGL decided to “swallow” the entire training session, but Hyundai Motor in Jeonbuk decided to “transfer” back to the hotel, cancel the training session at Jackie Chan Stadium, and witnessed the downpour despite moving away. Pull some distance. Meanwhile, Yokohama stopped practice midway due to wind and rain after about 40 minutes of practice.

HAGL’s challenge in front of Alex Wilkinson’s wall

In the second game of the AFC Champions League group stage, HAGL will face Sydney FC from Australia, the opponent is “defensive rock” Alex Wilkinson. Captain Wilkinson’s intelligence will make Hoang Anh Gia Lai’s attack difficult when Cong Phuong may be locked.

The 2022 AFC Champions League Group H matches will be broadcast live on FPT Play multi-platform TV from 16 April to 1 May 2022.

HAGL creates 'ticket fever' ahead of AFC Champions League 2022
Cong Phuong’s dexterous dribbling skills make it hard to meet Alex Wilkinson.

Despite preparing to celebrate his 38th birthday in August, midfielder Alex Wilkinson still plays a major role in Sydney FC’s squad. The proof is that he took responsibility for wearing the captain’s armband and started 21/22 games with 1800 minutes from the 2022 A-League season. Alex Wilkinson is an integral part of Coach Steve Corica’s defense. Additionally, he was the A-League Player of the Year in 2021 last season.

In order to be able to surprise the Australian delegates, Coach Kiatisuk’s teachers and students needed to overcome this boulder. That will be the task of forwards like Cong Phuong or foreign duo Washington Brandao and Jefferson Baiano. But obviously, things are not that simple.

HAGL creates huge ‘fever’ in AFC Champions League

Returning to the AFC Champions League for the first time in 17 years, HAGL immediately set off a huge upsurge. As a result, the appeal of the Nui Street team sparked a “box-office boom,” with fans lining up for the first game against the Yokohama Mariners on the first day the tickets were released.

According to the announcement of the Organizing Committee of Tongyi Stadium, starting from 8:30 am on April 14, tickets for the game between HAGL and Yokohama Mariners will be on sale at Gate A1. Earlier, however, a long line of fans had gathered at the courtyard gate, eager for a prized ticket.

HAGL creates 'ticket fever' ahead of AFC Champions League 2022
Fans lined up to buy tickets for HAGL’s first AFC Champions League match.

It is understood that tickets to watch HAGL participate in the AFC Champions League are sold in three denominations of VND 50,000, VND 100,000 and VND 200,000. This price is quite affordable for the majority of fans, so more and more spectators want to enter the stadium.

In the 2022 AFC Champions League, HAGL are in Group H with high-scoring rivals Yokohama F. Marinos, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motor and Sydney FC. However, the Nui street team has the advantage that they will be able to play at the Thong Nhat Stadium with the support of a large number of home fans.

HAGL opens their 2022 AFC Champions League match against Yokohama F. Marinos on April 16th at 6pm.

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