Athlete Timor-Leste makes history and touching story behind his country’s sport

31 May 2022 | 21:32 | LATEST POSTS

After the 31st SEA Games ended, Vietnamese fans certainly cannot forget the touching story of this East Timorese track and field athlete. The man, holding the Vietnamese flag, celebrated with his teammates along the pitch immediately after winning two historic medals for his national team. Felisberto De Deus performed a miracle on May 17th at the My Dinh Stadium, worthy of the title of “hero” of East Timor.

Overcome difficulties and ignite passion with the advantage of “running fast”

Born into a family of eight brothers, Felisberto quickly realized the advantage of being a fast runner while playing with friends in every little corner. From then on, the young man seemed to practice ball while playing, and his passion for track and field gradually ignited in him.

He was born into a large family in East Timor and has been familiar with athletics since he was a child

At the age of 16, he participated in the professional competition for the first time and won the award a year later. Although he didn’t achieve many notable results, Felisberto continued to train, optimistic and never intended to give up.

Felisberto once participated in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, but luck has yet to laugh. In 2020, at the Tokyo Olympics, he was given the responsibility of raising the flag at the opening ceremony and competed in the men’s 1500m, but has yet to win a medal.

Ferlisberto had competed in the Tokyo Olympics but returned empty-handed.screenshot

In preparation for the SEA Games, Felisberto had to practice early in the morning or early evening to avoid tropical showers or the scorching heat of East Timor. The equipment and training grounds are rudimentary, not full of rubbish and gravel, and it is a badly degraded stadium. Emotional male athlete shares: “I run 20 kilometers every day. The main track is on the road, the village road near my home. Every Friday, I can practice at the stadium.”

He worked hard to prepare for the biggest sports festival in Southeast Asia. Photo: FBNV

East Timorese athletes make history and 4 touching stories behind their country's sport
In the end, all the hard work and practice will bear sweet fruit.Photo: Vietnam Plus

East Timorese athletes make history in their country's sport, and 5 touching stories behind them
Ferlisberto helped the East Timor sports team win two expensive track and field silver medals.Photo: Vietnam News Agency

East Timorese athletes make history for their country's sport and 6 touching stories behind

East Timorese athletes make history and 7 touching stories behind their country's sport

East Timorese athletes make history and 8 touching stories behind their country's sport
He carried the East Timorese flag on his shoulders, held the Vietnamese flag tightly in his hand, and ran around in the courtyard to celebrate, which made many people feel emotional.

Treasure the image of the Vietnamese flag and helmet with emotion

After returning from Vietnam, Timor-Leste’s athletes were warmly welcomed by the fans of their home country like true heroes. Not only were they received by government officials, awarded medals and prizes, but they were also paraded into the streets, where they were congratulated by large numbers of East Timorese on both sides.

However, what caught the attention of Vietnamese fans the most was the image of Ferris Beto and the East Timorese athletes holding the mascot of San La and the Vietnamese flag in their hands. Not only that, hats and conical hats presented by Vietnamese fans were also carried along the entire parade route. It’s really one of those moments worth keeping, and sports really tie the patriotic soul together.

East Timorese athletes make history and 9 touching stories behind their country's sport
Athletes are seen as heroes who made history for East Timorese sport.Photo: Facebook Timor-Leste Athletes Committee

East Timorese athletes make history in their country's sport and the touching stories behind 10​​​
Photo: Facebook Timor-Leste Athletes Committee

East Timorese athletes make history and 11 touching stories behind their country's sport
They also had Vietnamese souvenirs in their hands.Photo: Facebook Timor-Leste Athletes Committee

Previously, the male athlete had many Vietnamese fans come to the hotel of the Timor-Leste sports delegation with simple gifts. The image of Ferlisberto wearing a helmet while resting at the airport was also highly appreciated and appreciated by the Vietnamese online community.

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East Timorese athletes make history and 12 touching stories behind their country's sport
Vietnamese fans visited Felisberto before he returned home.Photo: Homeland

The owner of two SEA Games silver medals doesn’t forget to take care of his helmet even when he is dozing off

Timorese athletes have always suffered from many disadvantages in terms of training facilities and hot weather compared to other countries. In addition, athletics is known as the “queen” sport at sports festivals, so Felisberto’s achievement of 2 silver medals at the 31st Southeast Asian Games is commendable and makes your people extremely proud.


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