The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE – Vietnam futsal team substitute general

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Coach Kong Wujun hopes that Vietnam U23 will move forward at a high speed

According to the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), at 19:00 local time last night (May 25), that is, 22:00 in Vietnam, the Vietnam U23 team entered the first training camp in the UAE. Participating in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, the weather in the UAE is also very pleasant at this time, coupled with the ideal field conditions to bring excitement to the whole team.

The new head coach Kong Wujun also quickly grasped the psychology of young players. In addition to allowing the trainees to rest freely after the long journey, he also tried to create a comfortable atmosphere in the training ground, and encouraged the players to bring Bluetooth speakers to play music and be full of energy during the warm-up.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
The Vietnamese U23 players, who had just won the gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games, were forced to quickly adapt to the tactics of coach Kong Wujun.

Since the strength of the U23 Vietnam team is half of the players who just participated in the 31st SEA Games, coach Kong Wujun divided the training into two parts.

In the first practice session, Mr. Gong and his colleagues focused on helping the 31 East Games players catch up with the tactical map and gameplay he created for the Vietnam U23 team. These players are veterans with “real-world” experience, so it’s not difficult to grasp the idea of ​​South Korea’s new head coach.

However, in order to avoid overloading, coach Kong Wujun also only allowed the players who just participated in the 31st SEA Games to perform moderate-intensity exercise, rest in advance, and soak in rocks to recover their strength. The remaining players continue to practice tactical movements and group coordination.

The style of play employed by new head coach Gong Wujun in Vietnam’s U23 team requires players to be able to deploy the ball very quickly and move at high speed continuously.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
Vietnam U23 squad for the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

2023 U17 Asian qualifier draw: U17 Vietnam and Thailand in the same group

On the afternoon of May 24th, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held a draw for the 2023 Asian U17 Qualifying Tournament. The 44 teams were divided into 10 groups, including 6 groups of 4 teams and 4 groups of 5 teams. Therefore, the U17 Vietnam team was placed in the No. 2 seed group, which was in Group F with the U17 teams such as Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Nepal.

The 2023 AFC U17 qualifiers will take place from 1st October to 9th October 2022. With the AFC’s approval of LDDBVN to host Group F, U17 Vietnam players will be able to play their home games with the support of their home fans. This is believed to help U17 Vietnam have more favorable conditions to compete in the finals of the U17 continental arena.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
U17 Vietnam and Thailand are in the same group.

In the qualifying round, each team will use a round-robin form to calculate the points for each group, and select 15 teams (10 first in the group and 5 best second in the group) to participate in the final. With the home team getting direct entry, Bahrain.

In preparation for the 2023 Asian U17 qualifiers, the U17 Vietnam team also conducted a 4-week training trip to Germany and played friendly matches with 4 youth teams from 4 Bundesliga clubs: Borussia Dortmund, Frankfurt, 1.FC Cologne and Gates. Hing Gladbach. This training trip is the result of the “Vietnamese Young Football Talents Incubator in Germany” project jointly implemented by VFF, Bundesliga and Next Media.

According to the plan, in August, the Vietnamese U17 team will reunite to compete in the Southeast Asian competition, and then continue to train in 2 to 3 stages to prepare for the Asian qualifiers.

The AFC Cup has a new name

From 2022, the Southeast Asian Championships (AFF Cup) is associated with a new sponsor. The official name of this competition is the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup. This was announced by the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) at the event sponsor launch ceremony in Hanoi on the morning of May 23.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
The AFC Cup has a new name.

The 2022 AFC Cup is scheduled to be held in December, with 10 teams from Southeast Asia divided into 2 groups. The AFF plans to return the competition to its 2018 format, without the host nation hosting the group stage, but with 2 home and 2 away matches per team. The semi-finals and finals will take the form of the first and second rounds.

In the 2020 AFC Cup (postponed to the end of 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak), the format of the competition has been adjusted to suit the situation. The number of matches remains the same, but the entire event takes place in a self-sufficient bubble environment in Singapore.

Vietnam futsal team falls far behind Thailand in world rankings

Recently, the May World Futsal Rankings also officially updated the latest results and rankings of each team. Southeast Asia is the region with the most volatility when teams just compete in the 31st SEA Games, especially the replacement of top teams such as Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam.

Although they achieved a considerable victory, only winning the bronze medal in the 31st SEA Games dropped the Vietnamese futsal team’s world ranking by 2 places to 41st. With a score of 1084 points, teacher and coach Fan Mingjiang even lost the second place in Southeast Asia to Indonesia.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
Vietnam’s futsal team is 21st behind Thailand in the world rankings.

The silver medal-winning Indonesian futsal team rose three places to 39th in the world rankings, ranking second in Southeast Asia. The first place in the region, of course, still belongs to Thailand, with 1,293 points. Compared with April, Thailand’s futsal team jumped one place to 20th in the world rankings, opening a gap of 21st place with Vietnam.

Surprisingly, in the 2022 Asian Futsal Finals next September, the Vietnamese futsal team is still in the No. 2 seed group, while the Thai futsal team is only in the No. 3 seed group. . Earlier in the 2022 Southeast Asian Futsal Championship, coach Fan Ming Giang’s teachers and students had to work very hard to finish third.

Vietnam futsal changes head coach after losing to Thais at SEA Games

According to the latest news, the Vietnamese futsal team will soon have a foreign coach. The new Vietnamese futsal captain is an Argentine with a lot of experience and achievements. According to the plan, in August, the coach will go to Vietnam to start work.

“In August this year, the Vietnamese futsal team will be led by an Argentine coach who will go with a personal assistant. Currently, the BHL is also arranged by the Football Association to work together. At present, we still have a contract with the coach.” Pham Minh Kiang, So we can’t share more,” said Tran Anh Tu, head of the Vietnam Football Association’s futsal department.

The U23 Vietnam team had their first training camp in the UAE - Vietnam futsal team substitute general
Futsal Vietnam has changed its head coach after losing to Thailand at the Southeast Asian Games.

According to fan speculation, the Vietnam Football Association is likely to target coach Diego Giustozzi, a former Argentine national futsal player.

Under the leadership of coach Pham Minh Giang, the Vietnamese futsal team has participated in the World Cup, but foreign coaches are less attractive to the team. The example is usually taken by head coach Bruno, the Spanish strategist who took the Golden Star Warriors to the knockout stages of the 2016 World Cup during his tenure. However, as said, despite his World Cup success. On the international stage, but we haven’t been able to beat a team from the Golden Palace in the past few years.

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