Milan win Serie A title after 11-year wait – Inter finish second to become ex-kings

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Milan waited 11 years to win Serie A

Before the 38th round of the 2021/22 Serie A season, Milan beat Inter Milan by 2 points (83 to 81) in the title race. With self-determination in their hands, a draw alone would be enough to usurp Inter’s throne. The visiting players did more than that, though, before Sassuolo (10th) lost momentum.

In the match at the Mapei Stadium, Milan pushed forward aggressively after the opening whistle, putting suffocating pressure on Sassuolo’s goal. Sassuolo proved to be at a complete disadvantage in the game, with goalkeeper Consigli playing well, but it wasn’t until the 17th minute that the home team gained a foothold.

Milan win Serie A title after 11-year wait - Inter finish second to become ex-kings
After 11 years of waiting, Milan won the Serie A title.

After Rafael Leo dribbled the ball over the left flank, the ball hit the feet of the home defender and passed to Giroud. Immediately, the tall French striker turned with his left foot and hit Sassuolo’s net. It was Giroud’s 10th goal in Serie A this season.

In the 32nd minute, Milan doubled the lead and Leo continued to play. Thanks to Leo stealing the ball and making a cross from the left to the centre, Giroud completed a double play, similar to the tackle that led to the first goal.

Before the second ball was played, Sassuolo had to take over the cold water after 3 minutes. Casey scored with a pass from the right, and Leo scored a hat-trick in assists, making him a hero of Milan.

After the break, the Portuguese winger even thought he was playing poker when he crossed to help substitute striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic hold off goalkeeper Consigli. Unfortunately, the referee did not concede Ibrahimovic’s goal as it was determined that the Swedish general was offside.

Milan win Serie A title after 11-year wait - Inter finish second to become ex-kings
Inter are second in the standings and become the former kings of Serie A.

In any case, Ibrahimovic and his team-mates didn’t care too much about it, because the important thing was that in the end Milan won the Scudetto with a jubilant victory over Sassuolo without having to worry about the match between Inter and Sampdoria game time.

In this game, although Inter Milan had the home field advantage, the opponent drew 0-0 in the first 45 minutes. In the following game, Inter knew they had no hope of catching Milan when they heard that their city rivals had led Sassuolo 3-0 at half-time.

However, after precise shots from Perisic (49′) and Kore (55, 57′), Inter Milan still struggled to score three goals for Sampdoria. After winning Sampdoria, Inter Milan ranked second in the standings with 84 points in 38 rounds, becoming the former king of Serie A.

Brozovic is the best midfielder in Serie A in 2021/22

Marcelo Brozovic’s outstanding performance helped Inter Milan players win the title of “Midfielder of the Season”. The top prize at BTC Serie A is the analysis results of Stats Perform, a technology that collects data recorded by the Hawkeye system.

This scientific analysis system provides accurate results for each player in all technical aspects. It’s not just about scoring or assisting, it’s about movement with and without the ball, the ability to make decisions and contribute to a team’s overall performance.

Milan win Serie A title after 11-year wait - Inter finish second to become ex-kings
Brozovic is the best midfielder in Serie A for the 2021/22 season.

That said, the reward to Brozovic is completely objective and non-emotional. The Croatian midfielder has endured an explosive season as Inter Milan midfielder, making a huge contribution to both the Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup. In addition, Brozovic, who has played 34 times in Serie A this season (2 goals and 1 assist), is also the locomotive for the fierce competition between Inter Milan and Milan.

Brozovic played 8 seasons at Inter, making 289 appearances and scoring 27 goals. There are plenty of big men interested in the 29-year-old midfielder, but Brozovic has shown his allegiance by extending his contract until 2026.

In addition to Brozovic, Serie A also presented other awards to Victor Osmeen (best young player), Mike Mainian (best young goalkeeper), Bremer (best defender) and Ciro Immobile (best striker).

Serie A 2021/22 season ends with trophies

The 2021/22 Serie A season ended with AC Milan’s well-deserved title. In addition to the red and black stripes winning the championship, what are the highlights of this tournament?

Champion – AC Milan: Milan start the 2021/22 season with a narrow victory at Sampdoria. They went undefeated through the first 12 rounds (10 wins), but only rose to the top of the leaderboard at this point. As of the 24th round, Milan has only occupied the top position once (16th round). It wasn’t until round 28 that they were firmly at the top of the standings, and they didn’t give any opponent the lead until the end of the season. At the end of the season, Milan scored 86 points, surpassing the second-ranked Inter Milan, which is equivalent to 2 draws.

Removed – Genoa, Venice, Cagliari: Before the 38th round, both Venice and Genoa determined that they would never have the chance to play in Serie A again next season. Cagliari, who share the fate of these two teams, gave Venice a 0-0 lead in the final leg despite their direct rivals Salernitana losing 4-0 to Udinese.

Join the Champions League – AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Juventus: In addition to the champion AC Milan and the runner-up Inter Milan, the other two teams representing Italy in the Champions League next season are Naples and Juventus. This season, the race for the top four isn’t as intense as everyone else is so far behind. The proof is that Juventus have not won in their last 3 games (lost 2) and are still 6 points ahead of Lazio, who are 5th to 6th (70 to 64).

For Europa League – Roma, Lazio: With a 3-0 victory over Turin, Roma “killed” their main rival Fiorentina in the last round (2-0 victory over Juventus) and entered the top 6 of the standings with 1 more point (63 to 62), thus qualifying for the next season. of the Europa League. For their part, Lazio, despite holding Verona to a 3-3 draw in the 38th round, are still above Roma (they have a combined 64 points) and have the same advantage as Areca.

Participation in Conference League – Fiorentina: Fiorentina took full advantage of Atalanta’s sudden error (0-1 at home to Empoli) and lost to Juventus with 2 goals in the decider, ranking seventh. That ranking is enough to get them a ticket to the league next season.

CIRO IMMOBILE (Lazio): Lazio striker Immobile is the top scorer in Serie A in 2021 with 27 goals. This is the fourth time the 32-year-old Italian striker has won the honor. Previously, he did the same in 2013/14 (22 goals), 2017/18 (29 goals) and 2019/20 (36 goals).

Best Ballon d’Or – Mike Mainian (AC Milan): Moved from Lille to Milan for 13 million euros, goalkeeper Mike Meignan has taken over from Gianluigi Donnarumma and has successfully completed his task. In the last 13 games of the season, he kept 10 clean sheets and made a huge contribution to helping Milan usurp the Inter title.

Best Coach – STEFANO PIOLI (Milan): Coach Stefano Pioli has been leading Milan since 2019. He is not a well-known coach as he has only won 1 title before, the Allievi Under-17 National Championship with Bologna in 2000/01. Still, the 56-year-old strategist has left a rather bold mark for the 2021/22 season. That’s why there are 2 times he was elected as the best manager of the month in Serie A (October last year and March this year).

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