Premier League June 17: Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win 2023 season

20 Jun 2022 | 02:12 | LATEST POSTS

Supercomputer prediction: Manchester City win, MU out of top four

The Premier League’s top teams have changed their power after the 2021/22 season. Combined with the Premier League schedule announced on June 16, the SBK unit’s supercomputer has made predictions for the title race for the 2022/23 season.

Therefore, Manchester City will still be the team to win the title. The top four teams will remain Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. That said, the order for the 2021/22 season will remain the same.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
Super-calculation prediction: Manchester City win the championship, MU out of the top 4 in the 2022/23 season

The results of the supercomputer will more or less upset Manchester United fans, as only Eric ten Hager’s team is predicted to finish fifth in the rankings. Their first game of the season will be at home to Brighton. However, compared to the previous season, according to the forecast results, MU will rise by 1 level.

At the same time, Arsenal, who faced Crystal Palace on the first day, will drop to sixth place, which means they will continue to play in the C2 Cup. The biggest surprise might be Newcastle. They have struggled to stay in the relegation zone in the second half of the season but are expected to finish in seventh place this season. As for other teams such as West Ham, Leicester or Aston Villa, the remainder of the top 10 will be shared.

In the relegation battle, three rookies Fulham, Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth are still the names most likely to be relegated. In addition, Leeds United and Brentford will also be the teams participating in the relegation rounds this season.

Premier League to adjust schedule for World Cup

The Mist’s top event kicks off on August 5th. Teams that play until November 12 will complete the first stage, after which play will be suspended to make way for the 2022 World Cup. The second stage of the competition will begin on December 26 and end about an hour later than usual. One week, May 28, 2023.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
The Premier League has adjusted its schedule for the World Cup.

Correspondingly, there will be fewer peaks in the Premier League brand at the start of Christmas and the new year, giving players time to recover after playing for the national team. The current schedule includes only 3 games on December 26 (Boxing Day), December 31 and January 2.

Earlier, head coach Gareth Southgate advised the FA to ask the Premier League’s organising committee not to arrange games in the big six groups amid concerns about possible incidents in the final round before England’s flight to Qatar. : Manchester City, Liverpool, MU, Chelsea and Arsenal just before the 2022 World Cup. The idea has been approved, and the aforementioned 6 teams will play in the last game before the long holiday on November 12. Postponed to another day.

Changes to the Premier League for the 2022/23 season

In addition to the changes to the schedule, the Premier League organisers have also made a number of other changes to the organisation of the competition for the new season.

If, during last season, clubs only needed a certain number of players to be unable to play due to Covid-19, the organisers would postpone games. However, next season, if they want to postpone games, teams will have to come up with reasons more carefully.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
Changes to the Premier League for the 2022/23 season.

Specifically, in addition to proving that the reason for the postponement is exceptional and force majeure, clubs must also demonstrate that they have done everything possible but cannot solve the problem.

The most high-profile example of this problem last season was the match between Tottenham and Arsenal. Arsenal club apologised for the game due to the lack of players affected by the epidemic and was accepted. Tottenham Hotspur believes, however, that Arsenal still have plenty of young squad players who are fit and fully capable of that game. Arsenal will still have to play Tottenham in a London derby if the new rules apply.

The tightening of postponement laws will also help organisers not have to worry about rescheduling matches next season when the 2022 World Cup schedule is very tight.

Chelsea join Lewandowski battle

Chelsea have joined the fray for Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski. The 33-year-old striker has already expressed his desire to leave Bayern Munich, despite having more than 12 months left on his contract. Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United and the latest Chelsea have all put the Polish striker in their sights. Lewandowski’s wish is to stop at Barcelona, ​​but the Spanish team has been unable to recruit this player due to financial difficulties.

Chelsea, meanwhile, face the prospect of parting ways this summer with forward Lukaku, who wants to return to Inter. So they want to bring in a new striker.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
Chelsea have joined the fray for Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski.

Arsenal sign Fabio Vieira

Arsenal have successfully signed Fabio Vieira from Porto for £30m, according to The Guardian. The 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder will undergo a medical today. Last season, Vieira scored 6 goals and provided 14 assists for Porto in the Portuguese league. Fabio Vieira is expected to sign a five-year deal with Arsenal.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
Arsenal have successfully signed Fabio Vieira from Porto for £30m.

Fabio Vieira can play in both attacking midfield and attacking midfield positions. Fabio Vieira was linked to join Manchester United and Liverpool, but it was Arsenal who ultimately won the 22-year-old midfielder’s services.

Fabio has a £42.7m release clause in his contract with Porto, but Arsenal persuaded the Portuguese side to let the 22-year-old midfielder leave for £30m. Arsenal will spend up to £34.2m in extras, based on Fabio’s performance.

Liverpool want to create second ‘blockbuster’ on TTCN

According to the British “Daily Express” report, Liverpool has submitted an offer of 85.5 million pounds to Dortmund for the acquisition of Jude Bellingham. Coach Jurgen Klopp admires Bellingham’s talent and wants him to move to Anfield.

Supercomputer predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League in 2022/23
Liverpool have made an £85.5million offer to Borussia Dortmund in the Jude Bellingham case.

Even so, Liverpool will struggle to win Bellingham due to Dortmund’s strict transfer policy. The Bundesliga side parted ways with Erling Haaland this summer and doesn’t want to see another of the squad’s stars go.

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