Sports News, June 17: Le Quang Liem competes with Indian players for Prague Masters Chess Championship title

22 Jun 2022 | 02:32 | LATEST POSTS

Le Quang Liem opens up an aggressive position with the advantage of holding White (forward). Quang Liem is more motivated because if he wins in the penultimate round, he has a chance to win the championship soon.

Le Quang Liem (right) and Harikrishna compete for the Prague Masters title.Photo: Prague Masters
Le Quang Liem (right) and Harikrishna compete for the Prague Masters title.Photo: Prague Masters

A draw with No. 1 seed Vidit Gujrathi pushed Le Quang Liem to No. 2 as Harikrishna (India) thrashed Salem Saleh (Saudi Arabia) to move up to the same 5.5 points as Vietnam’s but No. 1 thanks to more than low differences in standards.

Coach Gong Wujun can’t decide his contract with VFF

The U23 Vietnam team was impressive in the final round of U23 Asia 2022, with a game completely different from the “foundation” that coach Park Heng-seo has built over the past 5 years. The long-controversial emergency reform of Vietnamese football was suddenly kicked off by “substitute” Gong Wujun, and the effect even exceeded expectations.

Mr. Gong expressed his high appreciation for this goodwill and would be happy if VFF renews his contract, but everything is still open in the future. He needs approval from coach Park Hyung-seo, who has the highest authority on the national team’s expertise – where young players are.

What has Guang Hai learned from Vietnamese players going abroad to Europe?

It is only a matter of time before Guanghai joins the Austrian team. According to many sources, the 1997 midfielder was completing the final stages before announcing his contract extension with the European team.

Sports Bulletin 17 June: Le Quang Liem vs. Indian Chess Player 2 for Prague Masters Chess Championship
wide sea. Photo: TTO

Although understanding the differences in occupational factors such as culture, language, physique, and technology will become an obstacle for the Dongying midfielder, in a higher football environment, Guanghai also has the opportunity to challenge himself, accumulate and learn. Guang Hai dared to step out of the safe zone, but it was also remarkably reckless.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Japan could host 2023 Asian Cup

According to the original plan, China will be the host country of the 2023 Asian Cup to be held from June 6 to 7. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, the world’s most populous country has decided to withdraw the hosting rights.

If any country qualifies, it will send out tenders until June 30. In addition, the AFC leadership also confirmed that the timing of the 2023 Asian Cup final will not change.

Currently, Qatar, Japan and Saudi Arabia are the Asian representatives (along with South Korea, Iran and Australia) for the 2022 World Cup. They not only have excellent national team quality, but also have long-term experience in organizing sports events.

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