UEFA opens new competition – FIFA continues to make new changes

02 Jul 2022 | 06:21 | LATEST POSTS

UEFA opens more “Four Heroes” competitions, determined to exclude players

According to L’Equipe, UEFA plans to host the annual championship during the pre-season, which is expected to start in the 2024/25 season. The purpose of this tournament is to warm up for the Champions League main season.

This can be said to be a “Four Heroes” event, bringing together the top 4 teams in Europe, including the Champions League champions and the other 3 teams that performed well that year. The competition system consists of 4 knockout matches, including 2 semi-finals, 1 third place and final. The event is expected to take place in August each year and the venue will be located in the United States to promote the Champions League and of course increase revenue.

UEFA opens new competition - FIFA continues to make new changes
Even before the official announcement, the idea of ​​a new UEFA pre-season has been widely criticized by the public.

UEFA also said that the “Four Heroes” competition will not replace the European Super Cup, but will now only be a match between the Europa League champions and the Europa League champions.

According to L’Equipe, the event has been included in UEFA’s 2024-2027 football development plan. UEFA told AFP that it was just “an idea mentioned in the draft document, but no decision has been made”.

But it appears that contrary to the above statement, the agency does intend to organise the new competition, as currently, TV stations in England and France have received offers from UEFA to buy the rights to the 2024-2027 Champions League stage.

UEFA’s idea was immediately met with backlash from the French Professional Footballers’ Union (UNFP). Accordingly, the organization believes that the new event will only thicken the schedule and increase the number of injuries. In addition, the UNFP criticized the League of Nations for being an innocuous, boring, entertaining tournament that exhausted the players.

Last year, UEFA also faced criticism when it announced a new format for the Champions League. Therefore, from the 2024/25 season, the number of teams participating in C1 will increase from 32 to 36. The group stage format will also be gone, instead, each team will play 10 games (5 home, 5 away) against 10 different opponents, with the best 8 teams selected to advance to 1. /8 rounds. The teams from the 9th to the 24th will have a play-off to compete for the remaining 8 tickets.

A total of 225 games will be played instead of the 125 in the current format. In addition, a team that wants to win the title will need to play 17 games, or 19 games if they must play in the play-offs, a huge increase from the previous 13 games.

FIFA agrees proposal to test throw-in rather than throw-in boundaries

In a recent announcement, FIFA President Gianni Infantino stressed that the throw-in proposal will be tested after the 136th Annual General Meeting of the International Football Board (IFAB) in Doha (Qatar). IFAB stands ready to consider any proposal that may be helpful to the competition.

The idea of ​​a side kick was first floated in 2020 by former manager Arsene Wenger, now FIFA’s head of global football development. In an interview with L’Equipe at the time, the French strategist said the throw-in was late. It’s actually a disadvantage, not an advantage, for the offense in the game.

UEFA opens new competition - FIFA continues to make new changes
FIFA agreed to a proposal to test a throw-in instead of a throw-in.

In this case, the team entitled to the throw-in actually has only 9 players on the field, while the opponent has a maximum of 10. Statistics show that in situations like 8/10, the throw-in team often concedes the ball. The throw-in is also considered one of the ways defensive teams “buy time”.

Also, even this is a “weapon” for the attacking team to accurately take long-range throw-ins, such as throw-in “expert” Rory Deapp – the player in the English Premier League jersey for Stoke The City club perfected the skill from the Premier League seasons of 2008 to 2013, spending a lot of time gaining momentum and then throwing the ball into the box.

Therefore, former manager Arsene Wenger believes that it should be a throw-in, not a throw-in, to give the team an advantage.

Modern football ‘evolves’ thanks to new FIFA rules

Recently, the FIFA Council (IFAB) held a meeting and passed the proposal.: “Allows changes to matches with up to 5 players”. Even teams are expected to use 15 players on the bench instead of the previous 12.

UEFA opens new competition - FIFA continues to make new changes
FIFA and FIBA ​​have decided to agree to replace five people in one match.

This is not the first time these regulations have been applied. As the world of football has been severely impacted by COVID-19, player changes have been introduced to meet the needs of coaches “rotating” teams ravaged by the pandemic.

At present, although the epidemic situation has declined, the positive effect has been strongly supported by the participating clubs. At this time, the coaches will have more tactical cards, and at the same time show their talents in important moments of the game.

UEFA opens new competition - FIFA continues to make new changes
New technology for offside detection is about to be “launched” at the 2022 World Cup.

Most major leagues in Europe use the above approach. Only the Premier League, the rare major event, still retains the rule of changing up to three players in previous seasons.

In addition to the above recommendations, FIFA has also updated semi-automatic offside technology to the equipment to assist referees in controlling the game and assistant referees. Changes have also been made to the referee’s “physical test” to give them better protection.

Salvadoran referee beaten to death on the pitch

Recently, the El Salvador Football Federation (FESFUT) issued an official statement confirming the tragic death of referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya.

According to the FESFUT investigation, Amaya was killed while on duty to control the game, brutally beaten by a group of “fans and fake players” until his death at San Francisco’s Toluca Stadium. “As a sports federation, we condemn all acts of violence in various stadiums in the country.” – The above statement said.

UEFA opens new competition - FIFA continues to make new changes
Statement by the El Salvador Football Federation following the tragic departure of referee Jose Amaya.

Jose Arnoldo Amaya is a senior referee from El Salvador. He has 20 years of executive experience in charge of various competitions. The incident took place in the Miramonte area of ​​San Salvador when Jose Arnoldo Amaya showed a player two yellow cards and a red card.

This made him “angry”, leading to arguments and horrific events. He was repeatedly attacked by strangers causing internal bleeding and died on the way to Zakamil Hospital.

He is affiliated with the National Association of Football Referees of El Salvador (AAFES) and is in charge of youth leagues and amateur competitions. “As a federation, we condemn what happened to referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya. The federation also trusts the authorities to find those responsible for his life. Arbitration” – President Hugo Carrillo commented on the TV show “El Tiki Taka”.

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