Hosts U23 Uzbekistan and U23 Saudi Arabia win tickets to 2022 AFC U23 Championship final

03 Jul 2022 | 06:35 | LATEST POSTS

Saudi Arabia U23s beat Australia U23s

U23 Saudi Arabia and U23 Australia faced off in the 2022 Asia U23 semi-finals. After defeating U23 Vietnam with a 2-0 score, the defense on behalf of West Asia has not conceded a single goal in the continental arena. The tug of war was created by the two teams after the opening whistle. U23 Australia is the side with more dangerous chances, however, Saudi Arabia U23 is suddenly ahead.

In the 20th minute, the left flank was elongated, and the substitute Hussein quietly broke into the penalty area, and the powerful shot hit the top of the Australian U23 net, which kicked off the game. Losing a ball, Australia U23 also suffered a loss. Midfielder Jay Rich received a red card for a cold error and left the field in the 39th minute. This is the fourth consecutive game for Saudi Arabia U23 to make opponents have to play. Missing players because of red cards.

Hosts U23 Uzbekistan and U23 Saudi Arabia win tickets to 2022 AFC U23 Championship final
Saudi Arabia U23 beat Australia U23.

Luck was not on the Kangaroos’ side when the ball still touched the crossbar after a strong finish from captain François. In the second half, the Australian U23s charged in without any losses. However, the Saudi U23s’ shenanigans in the match helped them maintain their huge advantage. In the 73rd minute, thanks to Ayman Amad’s goal, the point difference doubled under the circumstances of very good cooperation.

In the remaining minutes, despite great efforts by the U23s Australia, they were unable to break through the Saudi Arabian U23s’ defence once. Both Australia and Saudi Arabia were awarded penalties in stoppage time, but neither team succeeded.

The score was 2-0 until the final whistle. Saudi Arabia U23 entered the final without conceding a goal.

Uzbekistan U23 wins the final after defeating Japan U23

U23 Japan rejuvenated in their match against home team U23 Uzbekistan before reaching the semi-finals. In the quarter-finals held a few days ago, Japan U23 defeated the defending champion South Korea U23 with a score of 3-0. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan U23s played an exhausting match against Iraq U23s.

However, Uzbekistan U23s were the better players when they kept attacking Zion Suzuki’s goal. Under pressure from the home team, the blue-shirted player neutralizes the ball in the U23 Uzbekistan game. Both teams were somewhat cautious for most of the first half, so no real dangerous chances were created.

Hosts U23 Uzbekistan and U23 Saudi Arabia win tickets to 2022 AFC U23 Championship final
Uzbekistan U23 defeated Japan U23 to win the final.

Going into the second half, both Japan and Uusebukstan were looking for an equalizer. However, the East Asian representative lacked confidence and experience when he failed to create a compelling football stage, compared to the brilliance of previous games.

Contrary to this, Uzbekistan U23s know how to please fans despite AFC penalty kicks without the support of the home crowd. In the 60th minute, captain Jalolidinov shot with his left foot, knocking down the Japanese U23 goalkeeper and opening the scoring for the home team.

After taking the lead, U23 Uzbekistan played at most two games and continued to compete with the visiting team. Before the game was over, the former 2018 champion also scored another goal thanks to Norchayev’s goal in the final minute of the official match.

Beating their opponents 2-0, U23 Uzbekistan officially entered the final to face U23 Saudi Arabia. The two teams will have a four-day break before entering the championship game on June 19. The day before, there will be a bronze medal battle between U23 Japan and U23 Australia.

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