V-League to be played like Premier League – Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100

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Vietnam Telecom in danger of falling out of FIFA’s top 100

Currently, after the national championships, the national team matches and competitions within the framework of FIFA Day are exciting. As part of the official FIFA system, teams are actively playing to improve their position in the world rankings.

During FIFA Day, Vietnam Telecom played just one friendly match against Afghanistan on June 1 at Thong Nhat Stadium. The 2-0 victory helped the “Golden Star Warriors” score 3.46 points, moving up one spot from 96th to 95th in the FIFA rankings at the time.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
Vietnam Telecom is in danger of falling out of the FIFA top 100.

However, the fact that there is only one friendly match against Afghanistan means that although Vietnam Telecom will gain points, it will still face “poor prospects” in the FIFA rankings. Specifically, when the teachers and students of Coach Park Hengrui were resting, the chasing teams were participating in official competitions such as the Asian Cup qualifiers, CONCACAF, the Nations League or the European Nations League.

These events are official events and the extra points are relatively high. It is worth noting that the two teams, Palestine and Kyrgyzstan, both performed well in the third game of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, rising to 96th and 95th respectively. Due to the lack of play in the following days, Vietnam Telecom fell to 97th.

In the worst case, Vietnam Telecom is in danger of falling out of the world’s top 100 due to fluctuations in the performance of its opponents. FIFA is expected to announce the updated rankings on June 23.

In the latest development, Thailand has closed the gap with Vietnam Telecom in the world rankings. The Golden Temple also automatically got a ticket to the 2023 Asian Cup final without taking into account the result of the final Group C match against Uzbekistan.

After a 2-0 friendly win over Afghanistan, Vietnam Telecom has only one final goal this year, the 2022 AFC Cup. This was also the last game of Coach Park Hengrui, ending five years of Vietnamese football’s glory.

However, the AFC Cup is not in the official FIFA system, so the extra points are of little significance.

The V-League will be organised like the Premier League from the 2023 season

According to the decision announced by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in February 2022, the national championship system under the AFC will undergo major changes from the end of 2023, especially in terms of schedules. As a result, the tournament will be changed to a 2-year organization, instead of organizing seasons in just one year, starting in the second half of the previous year and ending in the first half of next year.

At the 10th meeting of the Executive Committee of the 8th Vietnam Football Association (2018-2022), VFF and VPF senior leaders met to discuss this AFC plan and plan to apply it to the entire system. The system starts at the end of 2023.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
The V-League is about to change to the same organization as the top European competition

Specifically, Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc explained in detail the organizational changes of the 2023 Vietnam National Championships. The Vietnam League 2023 is expected to be played from January 2023 to August 30, 2023, and the Vietnam League 2023 will be held from January 2023 to August 30, 2023. – The 2023/24 league will run from November 2023 to 30 June 2024. In September 2023 and October 2023, clubs will be well organized ahead of the Vietnam Football Revolution season.

Regarding the format of the competition, the VPF has come up with a plan to organize V-League 2023 in a shortened format, similar to V-League 2020 and 2021. Specifically, after the first round, the teams will be divided into groups and divisions to compete for the championship. And fight for relegation. The VPF also proposed that there be only one relegated team and one promoted team from the First Division.

Vietnam has led Southeast Asia in the Asian Cup for the past 18 years

For Vietnam Telecom, this is the fifth time for the “Golden Star Warriors” to participate in the mainland’s top football competition. Topping the list is Thailand with 8 entries. Indonesia has also secured the right to the Asian Cup final five times, while Malaysia has four. The best result for a Southeast Asian team on this playground was Thailand’s 3rd place finish in the 1972 season.

However, if only from the 2004 season (the tournament officially changed from 12 teams to 16 teams, now it’s 24 teams), Vietnam Tel leads in Southeast Asia. Specifically, we reached the quarter-finals twice in 2007 and most recently in the 2019 Asian Cup.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
List of 24 teams participating in the 2023 Asian Cup final and the number of previous entries.

In the tournament three years ago, coach Park Heng Swe helped Vietnam advance to the play-offs, despite having to be in a group with very strong teams such as Iran, Iraq and Yemen. Vietnam went on to be one of the four best third-place teams. Next, we beat Jordan in the Round of 16 and then lost to Japan in the quarterfinals.

In the 2019 UAE game, Thailand only entered the 1/8 round and lost 1-2 to China. Meanwhile, Malaysia had only participated in the Asian Cup final once in 2007 and was eliminated from the group stage. In the past 18 years (2004, 2007), they and Indonesia have participated in two continental competitions, but failed to pass the group stage.

Vietnam U23 pillar receives good news from VFF

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) recently consulted on the injury of Le Wenxuan, the pillar of Vietnam’s U23, and formulated a careful treatment plan, promising to help the player born in 1999 return to the field as soon as possible.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
Le Wenxuan was seriously injured in the 31st SEA Games semi-final against Malaysia U23.

Specifically, VFF worked with leading experts from Vietnam Sports Medicine Hospital and Vinmec International General Hospital to agree on a plan for laparoscopic ligament fragment reconstruction surgery at a consultation meeting. Autologous patellar tendon grafting, suture/fixation of meniscal injury (if present).

It is understood that Le Wenxuan will receive free injury treatment according to the agreement to support the injury treatment of players of the Vietnam Football Team (National Men’s and Women’s Football Team, U22 Men’s Team)/23/National Olympic Games, National Men’s and Women’s Futsal Teams ) in March 2022.

U23 Vietnam invests in 2026 World Cup

Despite having to stop in the quarter-finals, Vietnam’s U23s deserve credit for their performance in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. The freshness of the gameplay brought by Coach Gong, when the Korean strategist led the U23 group, fans can see it soon.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
U23 Vietnam invests in 2026 World Cup.

Following the success of the 31st SEA Games and performances in the Asian U23 Championships, the VFF has affirmed that this is a generation of players that needs to be worth the investment to become the next level of national team. The VFF hopes current factors will target important targets, including the 2026 World Cup.

At the same time, the VFF also hopes that clubs will give more priority to the use of young players, as they have significantly matured through high-quality competition in the 31st Southeast Asian Games or the 2022 Asian U23 Championships.

Overseas Vietnamese players from ‘Barcelona melting pot’ return to play in Vietnam

On the afternoon of June 13, Hong Jing Ha Jing Club and Thanh Hoa played the opening match of the 2022 Central Heroes Cup friendly match. Coach Nguyen Thanh Cong’s army maintained an exciting rhythm to end the game with euphoria 5-1.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the existing forces participating in the V-League 2022, Red Mountain has also introduced a very special rookie. That was American overseas Vietnam defender Kenny Phi Hoang Chandler. The 2002-born player was assigned to the left-back by coach Nguyen Thanh Cong in the second half.

V-League to be played like Premier League - Vietnam Tel in danger of falling out of FIFA top 100
The overseas Vietnamese player grew up at the Barcelona Academy in the United States.

Kenny Phi Hoang Chandler is known to have a Vietnamese mother and grew up at the Barcelona Football Academy in Virginia, USA. Although only 20 years old, Kenny Phi Hoang has an amazing height of 1.92 meters. This is a figure that Vietnamese players have never reached, even the tallest goalkeeper Tran Chang is only 1.88 meters tall.

Before coming to Ha Tinh HL for trial training, Kenny Phi Hoang tried with the HAGL youth team without success. Currently, the American overseas Vietnamese player is doing quite well at the home team Ha Tinh Stadium and is expected to register for the second stage of the V-League in 2022.

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