2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia vs Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan vs Japan

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2022 AFC U23 Championship semi-final schedule

  • 15/6 20:00: U23 Australia vs U23 Saudi Arabia (VTV6 and VTVGo)
  • 15/6 23:00: U23 Uzbekistan vs U23 Japan (VTV6 and VTVGo)

If U23 Australia is the first team to reach the semi-finals of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship after beating Turkmenistan U23 with the lowest score, then host Uzbekistan beat Iraq U23 in a penalty shootout to win Tickets for the next round.

2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia vs Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan vs Japan
2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia v Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan v Japan.

Meanwhile, a convincing 3-0 victory by U23 Japan, with U21 players at its core, turned South Korea’s U23 team into a former tournament champion. For the rest, Saudi Arabia U23 also made it to the semi-finals after our 2-0 win over Vietnam U23.

The first semi-final of the 2022 AFC U23 Asian Cup between U23 Australia and U23 Saudi Arabia will be live on VTV6 channel, VTVGo app at 20:00 today. Meanwhile, the next semi-final between U23 Uzbekistan and U23 Japan will be played at 23:00 and will be broadcast live on VTV6 channel, VTVGo app.

U23 Australia vs U23 Saudi Arabia: West Asian representation unstoppable

U23 Saudi Arabia are bright candidates for the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. They reached the semi-finals with a very convincing performance: nine goals and one clean sheet. U23 Saudi Arabia are also the only team to keep a clean sheet after their last 4 games.

Diverse and flexible attacking styles and calm defense undoubtedly make the defending runner-up far surpass the opponent U23 Australia team. U23 Saudi Arabia is eager to conquer the U23 Asian Championships after unfortunately missing out on bookings for the 2019 final.

2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia vs Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan vs Japan
U23 Australia vs U23 Saudi Arabia: The West Asian representation is unstoppable.

On the other hand, U23 Australia has only reached the U23 Asian semifinals for the first time. The Socceroos also didn’t make much of an impression when they only scored 5 after 4 games. In the quarter-finals, they could only beat U23 Turkmenistan with an own goal at the end of the second half.

The Kangaroos finished badly, and they posed a threat that could more than offset Saudi Arabia’s solid defense.

Troop situation

  • Saudi Arabia U23: Ibrahim Manassei is injured.
  • Australia U23: All out.

possible team

  • Saudi Arabia U23: Nawaf, Hamad, Hassan, Khalifa, Motb, Ayman, Hamid, Awad, Hussein, Haytham, Ferras.
  • Australia U23: Biloxi, Billy, Bosch, Brook, Farrell, Francois, Hall, Miller, Oliveira, Trewyn, Wood.

U23 Uzbekistan vs U23 Japan: The samurai army is unstoppable!

In the quarter-finals, the U23 Uzbekistan team showed a wonderful performance. Because goalkeeper Nematov received a red card, he was placed in the pursuit position twice, and he was short of people early, but the home team still gave him a strong fighting spirit, took the game into a penalty shootout, and finally won the game.

Entering the semi-final against U23 Japan, U23 Uzbekistan has a solid home ground. But in the match with Iraq U23, they had to stretch for more than 120 minutes, which caused their physical strength to be greatly reduced compared to their opponents.

2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia vs Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan vs Japan
U23 Uzbekistan vs U23 Japan: The samurai army is unstoppable!

Not only that, the red card also forced Uzbekistan’s U23 goalkeeper Nematov to miss the semi-finals. In the absence of the strongest lineup, coach Kapaze’s teachers and students are unlikely to achieve favorable results in the upcoming games.

Contrary to the home team, U23 Japan won the quarter-finals with an extremely mild 3-0 victory over defending U23 champions South Korea. Obviously, in this year’s expedition, the Chaoyang team’s performance is still good, with an undefeated record of 3 wins and 1 draw.

In the semi-final against Uzbekistan U23, Japan U23 has the advantage in physical strength. However, the history of the confrontation does not favor this team, and in the last two encounters, they have to receive the same result as defeat.

But considering the current performance, Japan U23 is still slightly better in terms of youth, creativity and physical strength.

Troop situation

  • U23 Uzbekistan: Goalkeeper Nematov suspended
  • Japan U23: full lineup

possible team

  • U23 Uzbekistan: Nazarov, Sodikov, Toyrov, Abdumaz, Begimov, Khormatov, Turdiarev, Gyanov, Faizulayev, Zurakuyev, Odilov.
  • Japan U23: Zion Suzuki, Kato, Anrie Chase, Kaito, Takashi, Joel Chima, Matsuoka, Saito, Yuito Suzuki, Yamada, Hosoya.

U23 Uzbekistan must play without spectators, fined $50,000

During the 2022 AFC U23 Championship quarter-final match between Uzbekistan and Iraq at the Pakhtakor Stadium, fans of the home team Uzbekistan threw “foreign objects” on the field, protesting the referee against goalkeeper Nematov Red card decision. Iraqi players and journalists present had to flee. However, two journalists were still shot, including one from Uzbekistan who was carried away on a stretcher.

U23 Uzbekistan must play without spectators, fined $50,000 – Photo 1.

The match ended with a victory for Uzbekistan after a penalty shootout, but the AFC still handed down a tough penalty to the host nation BTC.

2022 AFC U23 semi-finals: Australia vs Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan vs Japan
U23 Uzbekistan must play without spectators, fined $50,000.

Sanctions were announced after the June 14 evening party. Accordingly, the Uzbekistan Football Association (UFA) was fined USD 50,000 (approximately VND 1.2 billion) to be paid within 90 days from the date of notification.

UFA teams must play on the field without spectators. Therefore, this sanction will apply immediately for the U23 Asia 2022 semi-final between U23 Uzbekistan and U23 Japan on June 15.

However, the AFC announced that host Uzbekistan still had to keep its doors open for about 500 Japanese fans to watch and cheer for the game. At the same time, the AFC warned Ufa that if there is another violation like the quarter-final against Iraq U23, it will lead to more severe penalties.

The AFC pointed out a series of mistakes by host Uzbekistan at the meeting:

  • First, the organizers asked the spectators to throw a large number of foreign objects on the field at different times during the game, including debris such as cement, coins, water bottles, etc. Several foreign objects, including match officials, struck the individual. In some cases, medical intervention is required.
  • Second, the organizer allowed too many spectators to enter the venue, resulting in overloading of the venue.
  • Third, the organizers do not guarantee the safety of corridors and contestants; allowing spectators to sit in these areas without restraint.
  • Fourth, the organizer did not establish a system to record the number of live audiences.
  • Fifth, the organizer does not guarantee that only ticket holders can enter the stadium entrance.
  • In the end, the organizers did not take accurate screening measures to prohibit spectators from bringing prohibited items into the arena.

In addition, goalkeeper Nematov Abdulwahid received an additional penalty from the AFC after receiving a red card in the quarter-finals. The Uzbekistan U23 goalkeeper will be suspended for three games, including the match against Iraq U23, and fined $500 (about 11.5 million VND).

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