Vietnam Women vs Laos Women – AFF Women’s Cup 2022: Level Differences

11 Jul 2022 | 07:47 | LATEST POSTS

Vietnam Women’s Team vs Laos Women’s Team: Level Differences

Meeting a much weaker opponent will be an opportunity for coach McDermott’s students to continue their winning streak. In the last game, the Vietnamese women’s team completely dominated the Cambodian women’s team, winning 3-0.

It should be emphasized that in this game, the head coach Mai Dezhong arranged for the “Second Squadron” to take the penalty, and Du Yeyong and Huang Ru were pushed on the field to “warm up” until the end of the game.

Vietnam Women vs Laos Women - AFF Women's Cup 2022: Level Differences
Vietnam Women’s Team vs Laos Women’s Team: Level Differences.

This afternoon, the Vietnamese women’s team is likely to have the backbone of Hai Yen, Bich Thuy, Huynh Nhu and other young people such as Thanh Nha, Diem My, Hai Linh and Thu Huong to play against the Lao women’s football team. team.

But in any case, the Vietnamese women’s team will continue to open with a victory. Coach McDermott will calculate where the pillars will fall into the semifinals, and the students within the framework will have the most prolific state on the way to defending their title.

Of course, compared with Cambodia, the Lao women’s team will bring more challenges to the Vietnamese women’s team. After the first 2 rounds, Laos temporarily topped the standings with 4 points in the draw with Cambodia and victory over East Timor. But compared to the level and the level, it is impossible for the Lao women’s team to score points against the Vietnamese women’s team.

In the recorded history of confrontation, the Vietnamese women’s team played against Laos three times in 2011 and 2012. In these 3 games, the Vietnamese team won 17 goals without conceding a single goal. If Vietnam continues to score three points against Laos, Vietnam will surely rise to one of the top two positions in Group B after this game.

possible team

  • Vietnam Women’s Team: Khong Thi Hang, Thu Thuong, Hoang Thi Loan, Hai Linh, Lan Anh, Nguyen Thi Van, Thanh Nha, Van Su, Thu Xuan, Thu Thao, Hai Yen.
  • Lao women’s team: Barigon Phonexay, Vongsengthong, Lanoy Vongsingkham, Kemmy Phatdala, Phimpha Thongsavang, Phanykone Vannalath, Aphatsala Chanthavongxay, Saysamone Inthaphon, Anouta Chanthithong, Sengdelian Phongphailath, Chaikham.

Thailand women’s team beat bottom team convincing

Thailand is stronger than Singapore. So a one-way battle is easy to imagine. Not only do they want to win, but the Thai women’s team also wants to win big. The sub-index is compared with the Philippines, so as to avoid Vietnam in the semi-finals. At this time, the teachers and students of coach Mai Dezhong will win the championship.

Vietnam Women vs Laos Women - AFF Women's Cup 2022: Level Differences
The Thai women’s team defeated the bottom team in incredible fashion.

However, in this game, Thailand can only beat Singapore 3-0. At the same time, the Philippine women’s team defeated the Malaysian women’s team 4-0.

This puts Thailand second in Group A with seven points, behind the Philippines in points and goal difference (+7 vs +12), and Thailand is at a disadvantage in the race for the top spot, thus avoiding Vietnam. Semifinals.

Australian women’s team ‘vent anger’ at Indonesia

Australia has only taken the U23 team to the Southeast Asian Women’s Championship. But even so, the fact that they only scored 1 point in the first 2 rounds with 1 loss and 1 draw is still very disappointing. This is why Australia is determined to “vent its anger” against Indonesia.

Vietnam Women vs Laos Women - AFF Women's Cup 2022: Level Differences
Australian women’s team ‘vent anger’ at Indonesia.

With a great physique and a more contoured kick, the Australians easily found their way into the opposition’s goal. Most of the offenses that are good at hitting the opponent’s header, Indonesia can’t defend.

In the end, the Australian women’s team defeated the Indonesian women’s team 4-0. The win puts Australia on four points after three games and opens up a chance to advance to the semi-finals. However, the team will likely only be able to finish second, and if so, they will meet Vietnam.

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