10-man Song Lim Nghe An beat Ho Chi Minh City in the 6th round of the 2022 V-League

13 Jul 2022 | 07:58 | LATEST POSTS

10-man Song Lim Nghe An defeats Ho Chi Minh City

With home-court advantage, SLNA entered the game confidently when the opening whistle blew the team’s offense. In the 11th minute, Van der headbutted the ground, forcing goalkeeper Thanh Thang to knock himself out of Ho Chi Minh City. Just one minute later, it was Ossene’s turn to have a chance to open the scoring for SLNA, but the striker shot over the bar.

Under the enormous pressure, Ho Chi Minh City is untenable. In the 19th minute, Dinh Hoang made a cross, Olaha hit the finish line from close range, beat goalkeeper Thanh Thang, and opened the scoring for SLNA. In the 33rd minute, goalkeeper Fan Huang made a mistake, but in front of the empty goal, Lin Difeng shot over the bar again.

10-man Song Lim Nghe An beat Ho Chi Minh City in the 6th round of the 2022 V-League
10-man Song Lim Nghe An defeated Ho Chi Minh City in the sixth round of the 2022 V-League.

The SLNA has only played 10 since 37 minutes after Dinh Hoang was disqualified. Despite the lack of players, Nghe managed to find a goal in the 44th minute to double the gap thanks to the work of Sy Hoang after a superb combination from Van der and Ossene.

Van der had a chance to put his name on the scoreboard just five minutes after the break, but the Vietnamese players failed to beat goalkeeper Thanh Thang in the head-to-head stage. It was also the most dangerous chance the home team created in the second half, as coach Huang Huang’s students had to withstand pressure from Ho Chi Minh City for the remaining minutes.

In the 68th minute, Fan Jian of Ho Chi Minh City scored a decisive shot and hit the post of SLNA. Just 2 minutes later, centre-back Que Ngoc Hai was in the right place at the right time to save the ball after Cordeiro shot from close range on the Ho Chi Minh side.

Wasting the opportunity, head coach Minh Chien’s teachers and students suffered their first defeat in this year’s V-League. At the same time, this victory also helped SLNA temporarily climb to second place with 10 points, 1 point behind the first-place Haiphong team.

Second place in the SLNA group, the coach praised Xuan Meng and Fan Qing

After the game, SLNA coach Nguyen Huy Hoang was delighted: “First of all, I congratulate the players who played their best spirits. Even when there’s a lot of people or a shortage of players, you’re organized, especially with 90 minutes of defense. After a period of injury, I appreciate Huang Wenqing’s efforts. In addition, the defense also covered each other and supported Fan Qing well. “

Mr. Huy Hoang expressed his appreciation to Mr. Fan Chunmeng: “Unfortunately, player Mark Ojong was injured in the four-heroes friendly and we had to look for a main position. Pham Xuan Manh was chosen as a very good substitute to guide the players. Pham Xuan Manh is an experienced player who played for For the national team. He was placed in midfield and helped SLNA deploy more balls and intercept well.

In the next round, SLNA will meet Hong Linh Ha Tinh at Vinh Stadium.

Duy Manh is eager to meet his old teacher Chu Dinh Nghiem

On the afternoon of July 7, Hanoi FC held a practice match at Hengtian Stadium, preparing to play Haiphong on Sunday (July 10). At present, the Hai Phong team is led by the former coach of Hanoi Football Club, Chu Dinh Ninh, who has led the team to 3 V League titles and 2 National Cup titles. This has brought excitement to Hanoi FC players, especially Duy Manh.

Before the match against Haiphong, Dui Manh said: “Haiphong is currently the number one team and is in good form. It is a very interesting game between Hanoi FC and Haiphong. We will try to get an attractive game and get the best result. Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem is a man who has been with the club for a long time.

10-man Song Lim Nghe An beat Ho Chi Minh City in the 6th round of the 2022 V-League
Duy Manh is eager to see his old teacher Chu Dinh Nghiem again.

Instead, the players have been with them for a long time and are familiar with the coach’s philosophy. Uncle Nghiem knows the players very well. The players themselves are very familiar with Mr. Nghiem. So, when Uncle Nghiem returns to the Hang Day yard, the game gets interesting. We hope this game will produce many good goals and help fans and Haiphong to watch a focused game. “

As of now, the capital team welcomes the return of midfielder Pei Huang Yueying. Injured an important block that helped Vietnam U23 win the gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games and reach the quarter-finals of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, causing Hanoi FC, who missed 2 games, to draw 1-1 at Nam Dinh and lose 1-2 to SHB. Da Nang.

National U15 Qualifiers 2022: Viettel holds Hanoi draw, HAGL wins Binh Phuc

On the afternoon of July 8, the 2022 National U15 Football Championship qualifying round officially kicked off. The first game of Group A to F 6 of the 2022 National U15 Qualifiers kicked off today. In Group A, Peace beat Phu Tho 3-0 with goals from Van Vuong, Duy Manh, Phuc Tue. Meanwhile, Vettel drew 0-0 with Hanoi FC.

In Group B at Thanh Tri Stadium, PVF won ‘Destroy’ Nam Dinh 6-1. Le Phat, Manh Dung, Quang Tu, Hung Dai, Duc Vu are the authors of PVF scoring 6 goals. Tien Viet is Nam Dinh’s honorary scorer. In Group C, SLNA defeated Ha Tinh 2-0 with 2 goals from Quoc Hoa and Duc Huynh.

10-man Song Lim Nghe An beat Ho Chi Minh City in the 6th round of the 2022 V-League
National U15 Qualifiers 2022: Viettel takes Hanoi, HAGL wins Binh Phuoc.

Group D will be held at Ham Rong Sports Training Centre (Gia Lai). Goals from Gia Bao (2nd minute), Dac Loc (36th minute), Gia Huy (51st minute) helped HAGL score 3 goals against Binh Phuoc. HAGL’s opponent only had one goal due to Duong Tri’s attack.

In Group E at Sin Hung Stadium (Vung Tau), Quoc Thang, Chi Trung, Dui Khoa and Thanh Phuc helped Long An beat Tay Ninh 4-1. In the Saigon Derby, Ho Chi Minh City defeated Saigon 3-1. Meanwhile, in Group F, Can Tho defeated Vinh Long 2-1 from the opening day of the match. Dong Thap won 2-0 Phu Dong.

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