Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei – Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines

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Wasted opportunity, Thailand U19 only scored 2 goals against Brunei

While Brunei U19s are considered the weakest team in this tournament, at this young level of football, even a strong team can’t necessarily win. Thailand U19 didn’t play a big role from the beginning of the game, facing such opponents, they still showed a less advanced face.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
Wasting opportunity, Thailand U19 only scored 2 goals against Brunei.

The Thai dominated, creating countless scoring chances but only 2 converted into goals. In the 45th minute, Abram took advantage of his opponent’s mistake to make a clearance and scored the first goal. In the 61st minute, Vinay scored the second goal.

A 2-0 win over Brunei U19s helped coach Salvador Valero Garcia’s army continue their pursuit of U19 Vietnam in the rankings. Thailand U19 accumulated 10 points, tied with Vietnam U19, the team just beat Myanmar 3-1. The two teams will meet in the final round.

Destroy the U19 Philippines, U19 Indonesia light up the semi-finals

With a winning mentality, Indonesia U19 attacked quickly from the very beginning. In the 14th minute, the home team awarded a penalty kick. On the 11m mark, Rabbani made no mistake in putting Indonesia in the lead. After the goal stalemate, the red shirt team seemed to have unloaded the burden, and in the 27th minute, Saptero’s goal doubled the point difference.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
Destroyed U19 Philippines, U19 Indonesia lighted the door to the semi-finals.

At the same time, the Philippines U19 had a stalemate on offense despite leading by 2 goals. However, the blue shirt team suddenly got a goal in the 29th minute due to Lawrence’s play, and the score was shortened. In the 42nd minute, the Indonesian U19 continued to enjoy 11m. On the free kick, Rabbani once again fooled the Philippine U19 goalkeeper.

In the second half, when coach Shin Tae-yong’s students became the dominant players, the game didn’t change much. In the 50th minute, Rabbani crossed his face, then headed the goal and narrowly beat goalkeeper Nathan Bata, Indonesia U19 extended the score to 4-1.

Next was excitement. In the 70th minute, the players replaced Laza’s technique to complete the score, setting the score at 5-1 for the Qiandao team. The victory helped Indonesia U19 rise to third place in Group A with 8 points.

Group A U19 situation in Southeast Asia: U19 Vietnam dominates

Currently, U19 Myanmar, U19 Philippines and U19 Brunei have all been eliminated. Meanwhile, Indonesia U19 defeated the Philippines U19 5-1 and continued to compete with Vietnam U19 and Thailand U19 for tickets to the next round.

At first glance, the Indonesian U19s seem to be at a disadvantage compared to the two teams above, as they are two points behind in the last game and are not allowed to lose, but that is not the case. In the last game, Indonesia U19 only needed to meet a Myanmar U19 who had lost the momentum of the game, because being eliminated was their chance to take all 3 points. Having the best goal difference (+11 vs Vietnam +9 and Thailand +6) will also help the home team have a huge advantage.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
Group A standings before the final.

Therefore, the last round of Table A may occur in the following situations:

  • If U19 Vietnam wins U19 Thailand: Dinh The Nam’s teachers and students will of course continue to hold the top spot, while Thailand U19s will also have to hold their breath for the results in the meantime. As long as Indonesia U19 beat Myanmar U19 by any score, Thailand U19 will also be eliminated. If U19 Indonesia does not win, U19 Thailand will go on to finish second.
  • If Vietnam U19 draws Thailand U19: U19 Vietnam will definitely continue, but not sure if the first place is still there. If at the same time, U19 Indonesia beat U19 Myanmar, then this team will take first place. If U19 Indonesia does not win U19 Myanmar, U19 Vietnam will lead and U19 Thailand will finish second.
  • If U19 Vietnam loses to U19 Thailand: The U19 Vietnam team will have to wait for the results of the match in the meantime to know if they will continue. If U19 Indonesia wins U19 Myanmar, they will go on to finish second. If they don’t win, U19 Vietnam will go on to finish second.

Coach Dinh The Nam ‘sad and happy’ after win over Myanmar U19

Commenting on the match against Myanmar U19s, head coach Dinh The Nam said: “Vietnam U19 won 3-1 and got 3 points. I am very happy with the result and the performance of the students. However, we still have something that is not really what we want.”

“First of all, the weather for the match at 15:00 was very hot, so it affected the players. Our team was not well controlled at times, very passive, and lacked cohesion in every line. Meanwhile, Myanmar U19 performed well. Physical condition, running a lot, giving We caused a lot of difficulties.”.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
Head coach Dinh The Nam is “mixed” after the victory over Myanmar U19s.

“But I was very satisfied in the second half. The students were cohesive, played with determination and had control in midfield, especially when Vietnam U19s had two midfielders.”.

Head coach Dinh The Nam expressed his opinion on last minute goals, once multiple teams are tied, it is difficult for Vietnam U19s to use the goal sub-index, saying: “Talking about this goal to compare the total goals conceded by Thailand and Indonesia, we won’t have a lot of chances. There is a good chance that they have more goals than us. U19 Vietnam must be in the final group match against Thailand U19. Be well prepared. At least a draw counts, if not a win.”.

When evaluating the opponent U19 Thailand in the last round, the Vietnam U19 captain commented: “As far as I know, there were 4-5 Thai U19 players who participated in the 2022 Southeast Asia U22 Championship in Cambodia a few months ago. They have left new players in their squad. But U19 and U23 are very difficult because of their different educational backgrounds. Compare. Of course, Thailand U19 is the strongest and the organization is very good.”.

Goalkeeper Donghan suspended

On the afternoon of July 8, the organizer of the 2022 Southeast Asia U19 Tournament issued a disciplinary notice to the U19 Vietnam team for directly receiving a red card against goalkeeper Dong Han in the U19 match with Brunei.

As usual, goalkeeper Donghan was suspended for one game and had to pay a $1,000 fine for 2 games due to a direct red card. In the victory over Myanmar U19, the No. 2 goalkeeper of Vietnam U19 did not play and was replaced by goalkeeper Trung Tuan.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
Goalkeeper Donghan suspended.

At this point, Tung Han has served his sentence and will be able to return for the next match against Thailand U19s if he is registered on the BHL’s roster.

In the 78th minute of the match against Brunei U19, goalkeeper Dong Han received a red card after rushing the ball outside the penalty area. In the Vietnam U19 game, the goalkeeper was Fan Ping’s substitute.

U19 Thailand vs Brunei U19 match interrupted by power outage

In the 58th minute of Thailand U192-0 victory over Brunei in Group A of the 2022 Southeast Asian Championships, the lights of the Patriots Candela Baga Stadium were completely extinguished for about a minute. After that, the lights came on again, but the game couldn’t continue right away.

The referee waited for the lights to work at full capacity before allowing players from both teams to play. This period lasts 10 minutes and is compensated at the end of the match. While waiting for games to resume, players took advantage of breaks and water. Thailand U19 also maintains the back and forth passing feel.

Thailand U19s scored only 2 goals against Brunei - Indonesia U19s beat the Philippines
A sudden incident led to the interruption of the match between Thailand U19s and Brunei.

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