U19 Vietnam tops Group A – HAGL young stars get special offer for 2022 high school graduation

15 Jul 2022 | 08:34 | LATEST POSTS

U19 Myanmar won easily, U19 Vietnam took the top spot in Group A

The U19 Vietnam team battled the U19 Myanmar team to decide the chance of continuing to advance to Group A of the U19 Southeast Asia Cup in 2022. With their opponents in hot pursuit, just 1 point away, head coach Dinh The Nam’s teachers and students set their sights on winning the match, bringing hope for the semi-finals.

The determination of the U19 Vietnam team was evident soon after the opening whistle. In the 3rd minute, it was still the main striker Ruan Guoyue who shined. In a cross from the left, the “Young King” of Vietnam took off and headed the goal, Myanmar U19 broke the net and Vietnam U19 took the lead. It was also Quoc Viet’s third goal of the game.

U19 Vietnam tops Group A - HAGL young stars get special offer for 2022 high school graduation
Quoc Viet (9th) and Van Khang (10th) shined to bring victory to U19 Vietnam.

With an early goal, Vietnam U19 played even more brilliantly. The students of Coach Dinh The Nam coordinated confidently and fluently, took full control of the game and created many dangerous opportunities. However, no further goals were scored in the first 45 minutes of the game.

In the second half, Vietnam U19 still took the lead. 9 minutes after the intermission, Khuat Van Khang made a strong throw-in, Van Truong threw a volleyball hook for Quoc Viet, and the forward returned a favorable Khuat Van Khang headed volley to the top of the Myanmar U19 net to raise the score to 2-0 Represents U19 Vietnam.

The two-goal advantage helped Vietnam U19 easily deploy the game, while Myanmar U19 fell into a foul to limit the White Army’s attacking power. In the 90th minute, Fan Kang handled it very well again, creating a beautiful creation, creating conditions for Guoyue’s header to expand the score to 3-0.

In stoppage time, captain Min Twee regained a goal for Myanmar U19 and set the final score of 3-1 for Vietnam U19. In the 2022 Southeast Asia U19 Championships, coach Dinh The Nam’s teachers and students completed the 3-point goal to keep the top spot in Group A, and then entered the “early finals” against Thailand U19.

Guanghai has excellent stats in the French team

Recently, Nguyen Quang Hai made history for his country’s football by becoming the first Vietnamese player to play for a professional team in France. Although PAU FC does not have an official game, Guang Hai has many opportunities to play regularly for the French team.

According to the latest statistics, the former Hanoi midfielder has a completely superior performance in various indicators compared to the rest of his teammates in the new team. Specifically, Guang Hai is the player with the most appearances and goals in the national team. The 1997-born star made 45 appearances for Vietnam, scoring 10 goals. There were many super goals that brought important points to the home team.

U19 Vietnam tops Group A - HAGL young stars get special offer for 2022 high school graduation
Quang Hai scored 10 goals for Vietnam.

The remaining players in the PAU FC squad for the national team are Xavier Kouassi (Ivory Coast), Sessi D’Almeida (Benin), Mayron George (Costa Rica), Jovan Nisic (Serbia), Mons Bassouamina (Congo). , Henri Saivet (Senegal) and David Gomis (Guinea-Bissau). However, none of these players scored more than 1 goal. Henri Saivet made 27 appearances for Senegal, scoring one goal.

As planned, on the evening of July 8, Guanghai’s team will play a friendly match against a semi-professional team in the Ledax area of ​​Sao Paulo. However, at the request of the PAU FC leadership, the match will not be broadcast live in any form to ensure tactical secrecy.

Midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai has a brief integration with the new team before entering Ligue 1 in the 2022/23 season.

HAGL Young Stars Special for 2022 High School Graduation

Le Huai Anh, general secretary of the Vietnam Football Association, said that the Vietnam Football Association has sent an official letter to the Ministry of Education regarding the exemption of Nguyen Duc Viet and Nguyen Dinh Bac from the 2022 high school graduation examination. “This is what we have to do and have already done. According to the regulations, they are exempted from the test when performing their national duties, and the rest of the responsibility lies with the education sector.”Hoi An added.

U19 Vietnam tops Group A - HAGL young stars get special offer for 2022 high school graduation
Duc Viet wore the Vietnam U19 jersey for the Southeast Asia Championship.

De Viet was born in 2004. As usual, he will take the high school graduation examination in 2022. The midfielder Nguyen Dinh Bac (Guang Nam) was born in the same year as the player. In the Vietnam U19 team participating in the U19 Southeast Asia Tournament, Indonesia has only two players born in 2004. If they are not in the Vietnam U19 part, busy with national tasks, these 2 players will take the graduation exam. All over the country in high school.

Article 5, paragraph 2, of Government Decree No. 36/2019/ND-CP of April 29, 2019 clearly states: “Athletes who have achieved excellent results in domestic or international sports competitions, if the competition time coincides with the athletes’ training time abroad, or participate in international sports events, special consideration can be given to junior high school or high school graduation.”.

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