Singapore U19s become the first team to be eliminated – Laos U19s dominate Group B

23 Jul 2022 | 10:51 | LATEST POSTS

Singapore U19s are the first Southeast Asian U19 team to be eliminated in 2022

The Singapore U19s lost their first two games of the group stage to underrated opponents such as Cambodia U19s and East Timor U19s, which was a huge disappointment. Therefore, if they lose to Malaysia U19, the chance to continue the Lion Island team is considered to be closed.

With such motivation, the Singapore U19s did their best with their opponents. In the 45th minute, the red shirts were both offensive and defensive. Still, Malaysia U19s are the dominant team thanks to a better physical foundation.

Singapore U19s become the first team to be eliminated - Laos U19s dominate Group B
In a draw with Malaysia, Singapore U19s are the first U19 teams in Southeast Asia to be eliminated in 2022.

The Malaysian U19s had six shots in the first half but proved to be rather wasteful and sloppy in the final situation, including a 3-3-3 stage in the 43rd minute that ended after a shot from Yuslan. The yellow shirts’ most dangerous chance came in the ninth minute, but Singapore U19 goalkeeper Fazar saved the first long-range shot and a late penalty.

In the second half, Malaysia U19 continued to dominate the game. However, the most dangerous is the Singapore U19 team. In the 66th minute, Singapore U19 shot 3 times in a row, but still failed to let Malaysia U19 concede. It started with Raoul Suhaimi’s dribbling and cutting before both of his teammates failed to hit the ball before goalkeeper Zurshimi Sharani’s superb performance, especially from extreme distance. Second shot.

In injury time, the two teams lost their composure and created chaos. The 0-0 score remained until the end of the game. Singapore U19s considered themselves out after 3 games with just 1 point. At the same time, Malaysia U19 are in danger of being eliminated even though they have 4 points.

Laos U19 beat Cambodia U19

Laos U19 and Cambodia U19 have been impressive in Group B, with both teams on the verge of reaching the semi-finals. Therefore, the confrontation is also the place to compete for the semi-final tickets.

The turning point came in the 7th minute, when the front midfielder Pantthavong made a strong long-range shot for Laos U19 to take the lead. The mentally ready momentum, this team is playing better.

Singapore U19s become the first team to be eliminated - Laos U19s dominate Group B
Laos U19 beat Cambodia U19.

On a fine day, Phantthavong is still the author of the double-difference table. In the 25th minute, captain Chanthavixay made a beautiful cross and Phantthavong headed the goal very dangerously. The ball hit the lower edge of the crossbar, and after landing, the goalkeeper of Cambodia U19 hit the net, and the goal was a bit lucky.

Until the 85th minute, Sowandona, who came off the bench, scored a beautiful goal to shorten the gap for Cambodia U19. However, the remaining time was not enough, and the white shirt team equalized the score in time.

2-1 defeated Cambodia U19, Laos U19 dominated Group B with 6 points. Despite the loss, Cambodia U19s still have a chance to continue the game after falling just one point behind Malaysia’s U19 second team.

Vietnam U19s decide to compete with Thailand U19s for semi-final tickets

In the third game, Vietnam U19 easily defeated Brunei U19 4-0. Meanwhile, Thailand U19 drew 0-0 with Indonesia U19. With this result, both have 7 points, but U19 Vietnam tops the list due to more sub-indexes (+7 vs. +4).

They are followed by Myanmar U19 (6 points) and Indonesia U19 (5 points). At the same time, the Philippines U19 and Brunei U19 were eliminated from the tournament without a point. The match to win two semi-final tickets is a story between U19 Vietnam, U19 Thailand, U19 Myanmar and U19 Indonesia.

Singapore U19s become the first team to be eliminated - Laos U19s dominate Group B
The U19 Vietnam team temporarily leads Group A.

On the schedule, Vietnam U19 and Myanmar U19 are at a disadvantage relative to their opponents. U19 Vietnam will face U19 Myanmar in Game 4 and win. The biggest advantage of the U19 Vietnam team is that the entire main lineup was rested in the last game. Each match has a 2-day schedule, which is very important for the U19 Vietnam team.

Meanwhile, Myanmar U19s have to face Thailand U19s and Philippines U19s in their final two matches. They also lost 3-0 to Thailand U19s. Clearly, Myanmar U19s are underrated and three points are within reach of head coach Dinh The Nam’s army.

Also in this game, when the opponents U19 Philippines and U19 Brunei are too weak, it will not be too difficult for Indonesia U19 and Thailand U19 to score 3 points. If all three teams take three points, in the last match, Vietnam U19 and Thailand U19 will face each other.

Because, the host Indonesia U19 had the advantage in the last game only when they met Myanmar U19. U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand will have to win if they want a ticket to the semi-finals. In the event of a draw, the odds of calculating the difference are very high as U19 Indonesia, U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand have the same score.

The last two games of the U19 Southeast Asia Group A in 2022 could be very unpredictable. Fans are waiting, coach Dinh The Nam’s army has the courage to overcome this dramatic moment.

U19 Vietnam pushes U19 Indonesia into trouble

Indonesia’s “Sports Star” reported that the current Fan Dao team is at a disadvantage compared with Vietnam U19 and Thailand U19, and is in a difficult situation. Usually, only the top 2 teams qualify for the next round. U19 Indonesia lost the right to decide its own destiny after drawing 2 with U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand, the top two teams in the standings.

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