Vietnam women’s team beat Cambodia – head coach Mai Dezhong is satisfied

24 Jul 2022 | 11:11 | LATEST POSTS

Vietnam women’s team beats Cambodia

Despite retaining many pillars on the bench, Vietnam’s women’s team is still more appreciated than Cambodia’s in the opening match of the 2022 AFC Women’s Cup.

Hai Yan and his teammates entered the game in good shape, and they continuously suppressed their opponents from the beginning. However, it was not until the 21st minute that the golden boy of Vietnamese football made the opening score. Ngan Thi Van Su received a long ball from Thu Thuong before flicking the ball past goalkeeper Chea Sompors to open the scoring for the home side.

Vietnam women's team beat Cambodia - Coach Mai De is satisfied
The Vietnamese women’s team defeated Cambodia, despite the slippery field and heavy rain.

With the goal of breaking the deadlock, head coach Mai Dezhong’s students continued to attack, hoping to double the gap as soon as possible. However, the rain made the Vietnamese women’s team lose focus at times. In the 24th minute, Yon Yeurn shot a powerful shot at goalkeeper Khong Thi Hang. Fortunately, the Vietnamese team found the ball and bounced off the post.

In the 31st minute, captain Haiyan was suspended for a foul and helped Vietnam Telecom get an 11m penalty. In the penalty shootout, it was the striker who scored a goal to double the gap. Head coach Mai Duc Chung’s army scored another goal with the help of Thanh Nha before the first half.

In the second half, the Vietnamese players played very slowly, and the head coach Mai Dezhong also launched some reserves. Apart from an indirect free-kick over the bar and a header saved by the goalkeeper, there were not many important chances to come, both of which were kept by Beatrice. Winning 3-0, the Vietnamese women’s team temporarily ranked second in Group B due to a poor score difference, second only to the Myanmar team.

The coach of the Vietnamese women’s team is very satisfied because he won without losing his strength

Compared with the 7-0 victory over the Cambodian women’s team in the 31st Southeast Asian Games two months ago, the Vietnamese women’s team only defeated the team 3-0 in the rematch of the 2022 Southeast Asian Women’s Football Final.

After the game, head coach Mai Dezhong said: “Cambodia has progressed very quickly. From the SEA Games to the SEA Women’s Final, I have seen good progress individually for them. In this game, my goal is to maintain strength and no one is injured. In the end, the Vietnamese women’s team scored 3 points and 3 goals. I’m very satisfied with that.”.

Vietnam women's team beat Cambodia - head coach Mai Dezhong is satisfied
The Vietnamese women’s team retained their strength against Cambodia.

Coach McDermott continued: “Before the game, it was raining heavily and pouring rain. This made the field slippery and affected the performance of the entire team. Under such conditions on the field, the Vietnamese women’s team could not pass short, but long pass. When Cambodia is active Defending and preparing to break the ball, this kick is not as effective as expected. However, as I said, the Vietnamese women’s team still ensured the 3-pointer factor and retained power. The players were also not penalized. Also, I’m also happy when you play according to the plan set by the coaching committee.”.

On July 9, the Vietnamese women’s team will face Cambodia. Coach Mai Duc Chung’s goal is to maintain his best strength while winning 3 points. “As for the detailed plan, we can’t say“.

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