Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses – Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare

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Round 10 V-League 2022: Highlights Hanoi FC vs SLNA

The earliest match of the 10th round of the Night Wolf V League National Championship is the clash between SHB Danang and Nam Dinh clubs. SHB Da Nang is in good spirits after beating Topend Land Binh Dinh in the previous round. In addition, the team also introduced 2 foreign soldiers from Brazil to strengthen the attack.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
2022 V League Round 10 schedule.

At the same time, in this game, because Nan Ding received a red card in the last round, he will not have an important pillar – the service of Dingyuetu. This will be detrimental to coach Nguyen Van Sy’s army.

Another match in the 10th round is Haiphong Club’s match at the Ho Chi Minh City Club Stadium. The Haiphong club has had an impressive start to the season. However, the 0-3 loss to SLNA in the last round, coupled with serious injuries, is a problem for coach Zhu Dingning’s teachers and students. As for Ho Chi Minh City, the penultimate team does need points to get out of the last group.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
V-League 2022 standings after round 9.

The match between SHB Danang Club and Nam Dinh Club will be held at Hua Xuan Stadium on July 29 at 5 pm, and the match will be broadcast live on VTV5 and VTV6 channels. After that, at 19:15, Ho Chi Minh City Club will welcome Hai Phong Club at Thong Nhat Stadium.

Meanwhile, the match that is seen as the focus of the 10th round of the V League will be played at the Hengtian Stadium when Hanoi FC takes on Song Lin Nghe An. The game will be held here at 19:15 on July 31.

Hanoi FC suffer heavy losses ahead of battle with SLNA

In the ninth round of the V League in 2022, Hanoi FC won a dramatic victory over Hong Ling Ha Tinh, beating SLNA to top the standings. However, the gap between the two teams is currently only 1 point, which can be leveled at any time.

In the next game, SLNA will play Hanoi FC away. This is also the race that decides the top spot in the standings. However, Hanoi FC suffered heavy losses on the training bench in this important game.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
Hanoi football club ravaged by Covid-19 on the training bench.

Specifically, according to the information provided by the health department of Hanoi FC, on the morning of July 28, head coach Chun Jae Ho, health department head Kwon Hyuck Jun and goalkeeping coach Nguyen The Anh were infected with COVID-19 after being tested. This is the first time that the above 3 members have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not been reinfected.

Therefore, the representatives of the capital team will not have the guidance of head coach Jeon Jae-ho in the upcoming games. Not only that, Zhang Wentaikui has already received 3 yellow cards and will not participate in this game.

Currently, SLNA and Hanoi FC are in good form, so this match is sure to be very interesting and dramatic. In addition, this is also a team with many national team players in the two teams, and they know each other too deeply after playing together in the national team.

Kang Fang recovers well from injury

Cong Phuong has been diagnosed to be out until the end of the first stage of the 2022 V-League after suffering a knee injury against SHB Da Nang. After the recovery process, though, the player is making good progress and he is likely to recover in time for Huang Eng Gia Lai’s 12th round trip to the Hanoi club’s yard.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
Kang Fang recovered well from his injury.

BTC at Thong Nhat Stadium plans to fight flares

After Vinh Stadium was fined by the organizers for letting Haiphong spectators light flares, the organizers of Thong Ngai Stadium stepped up security checks during the Ho Chi Minh City-Haiphong match on the evening of July 29, especially on the evening of July 29. Especially Haiphong fans.

Over the past few days, the match organisers and Thong Nhat Stadium organisers have held meetings to prepare for the work of ensuring safety during the match between Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong, especially with Hai Phong fans – a regular role. Regular burning of flares, due to lack of awareness and rule violations, has damaged the organizers of infected stadiums.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
BTC Thong Nhat Yard plans to fight flares.

Therefore, during a normal match, the police have only about 80 people to secure the Thong Nha Stadium, and now in the Ho Chi Minh City-Hai Phong match, that number has increased from 150 to 200. In addition, the organizers also added sniffer dogs and female security personnel to control the female fans of the Haiphong team, because these people often hide flares on their bodies and bring them on the field to set the male fans on fire.

In addition, before the game, security personnel also searched all the stands to avoid the situation of Hong Kong fans carrying flares and hiding in the courtyard before the game. In addition, during the game, the staff also checked whether the audience outside the stadium threw flares at Haiphong fans. In fact, these are all to prevent those who lack awareness, because the organizers really want all spectators, especially Haiphong fans, to say no to the flare.

It should be added that just before the 10th round of V.League 2022, the SLNA team was fined 15 million VND for letting the Haiphong spectators set off fireworks in the Vinh yard during the 9th round of the SLNA-Haiphong match. In addition, Haiphong was fined VND 15 million for letting port fans set fire to Vinh Stadium.

National U11 Championship quarter-finals: SLNA win incredible, Thanh Hoa in tears

Although expected, the confrontation between SLNA Group A first) and Thang Long FC (Group C second) was almost one-way. Shortly after the opening whistle blew, captain Taiba Baohuang opened the scoring. After that, SLNA played better as they took full control of the game and soon scored three more goals in a row to take a 4-0 lead, including braces from Bao Hoang, Truong Van Tai and Vu Ngoc Thinh.

SLNA continued their dominance in the second half, scoring 4 more goals, this time with names like Tran Duy Quang, Pham Hai Vinh (2 goals), Dinh Viet Hoang Hieu scoring their names on the electronic board. Thang Long Football Club, representing Ho Chi Minh City, also scored 2 glorious goals from Pan Dan Nguyen.

Hanoi FC suffers heavy losses - Thong Nhat stadium plans to fight flare
SLNA won an incredible victory and Thanh Hoa burst into tears.

The confrontation between Viet Hung Thanh Hoa (VHTH) and Navy Phu Nhuan Saigon (PNSG) was full of excitement. Viet Hung Thanh Hoa is the better team, but Navy PNSG also has a sound strategy. Navy PNSG started the scoring in the buffer period at Dang Hoang Duc Tri. Minutes later, Navy PNSG added a second goal to make it 2-0 with La Guangming’s goal.

In the second half, VHTH pushed up the offensive lineup, teenager Thanh scored 3 goals in a row, leading 3-2. With 4 minutes left in the game, Navy PNSG scored 2 goals in a row to overtake the score 4-3. When the game was in seconds, VHTH suddenly got La Minh Quang’s 4-4 equalizer. The two teams entered a penalty shootout to decide the semi-finals. As a result, Navy PNSG went on to win tickets with a 5-4 win. After the match, the VHTH kids were in tears as they suffered an unfortunate loss.

In the remaining 2 matches, T&T VSH defeated Gia Bao Hai Duong 4-3 and Hai An Tay Ninh defeated Dak Lak 6-4. The two semi-finals will be held at Khanh Hoa Stadium (Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province) on July 29, 2 against SLNA vs Navy Phu Nhuan Saigon and T&T VSH vs Hai An Tay Ninh.

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