Liverpool lose to Salzburg – Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd

04 Aug 2022 | 23:46 | LATEST POSTS

‘Blockbuster’ Nunes takes a break, Liverpool loses to Salzburg

On July 30, Liverpool will face Manchester City in the English Super Cup. Therefore, the friendly match with Salzburg can be regarded as the last rehearsal of the new season of the “Red Brigade”.

In this game, coach Klopp created the conditions for the “blockbuster” Darwin Nunes to take the penalty. However, the Uruguayan striker was replaced breathlessly after the first half, while Salzburg prevailed with a 31st-minute goal from Sesco.

In the second half, although the coach Klopp has launched the central pillars such as Van Dijk, Thiago, Diaz, Firmino… Liverpool is still completely deadlocked. “Red Brigade” lost 0-1 to Salzburg. This is clearly a worrying sign for manager Jurgen Klopp, as Liverpool have lost two of their four games this summer.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
“Blockbuster” Nunes was empty, Liverpool lost to Salzburg.

Eriksen scores MU’s first goal on his debut

On the afternoon of July 27 (Vietnam time), MU played a closed friendly match against lower-level clubs from the Wrexham AFC in Wales at the Carrington training ground. Due to the secretive nature, the above-mentioned games were not widely broadcast, and the fans cheering on the field were very limited.

However, according to Manchester City sources, the Red Devils scored a huge victory on a day when new coach Eric Ten Haag introduced two ‘all-new’ rookies Christian Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez . The good news for Mu fans didn’t stop when the Denmark midfielder made his first impressions on his unofficial debut.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
In this “closed” game, both rookies Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez were initiated by coach Ten Hager.

Specifically, from a corner kick, Eriksen chose a very sensible position, heading over Wrexham to open the scoring for the Red Devils. Manchester United still won 4-1 thanks to a stellar performance, with three goals from Amade Diallo, Ganacho and Alex Telles. It is worth mentioning that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo also appeared in the above game, but had to sit on the bench to watch the players play.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has to sit on the bench to watch his teammates play after missing out on the summer tour.

In a few days, MU will play friendly matches against two Spanish teams, Atlético de Madrid and Vallecano, on July 30 and 31 respectively, before entering the 2022 Premier League journey. / 23 Welcoming Brighton and Hove Albion at the Theatre of Dreams on Sunday 8pm 7/8 (Vietnam time).

The first goalkeeper to score a brace in the Argentine League

Carlos Tevez wins second consecutive win as Rosario Central coach thanks to goalkeeper Gaspar Servio’s brace – in the Argentine League on the morning of 27 July Scored twice in the 3-0 win over Sarandi Arsenal in the 10th round (h. Hanoi). Those goals were all scored from 11 metres by the 30-year-old, helping him become the first goalkeeper in history to score twice in the league.

It was also the 1990-born goalkeeper’s third goal in the Primera Division this season. Previously, Servio scored from 11 meters in the 2022 Primera Division third-round match against Godoy Cruz.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
Gaspar Servio showed calm and composure on the 11m point.

During his career, Servio has scored 11 goals in penalty shootouts. The goalkeeper had previously scored eight goals from penalties during his spells at Guarani and Banfield.

When he moved to Rosario Central in January, Servio wasn’t immediately given the task of taking the penalty, as the Rosario Central coaching staff feared the team could concede goals if he missed. In the game against Sarandi Arsenal, the name of Rosario’s central 11m position did not appear on the field and Servio took responsibility.

Regarding Tevez, he announced his retirement at the age of 38 after rejecting many offers to play in the United States. The former Manchester City star has signed a 12-month contract with the Argentine club. Rosario Central is currently ranked 13th in the Primera Division 2022 rankings.

3-0 win over South Korea, Japan wins East Asia Cup

Before the title race, South Korea had the upper hand with two wins and one draw, while Japan had one win and one draw. South Korea only needed a draw to win the title, but they conceded three goals in the second half.

With this loss, Japan won the championship for the second time in their history by scoring 7 points after 3 consecutive games. South Korea got 6 points and ranked second.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
In the 2022 East Asia Cup, Japan beat South Korea 3-0.

Victory over Hong Kong, China ends a series of “embarrassing” matches

On the afternoon of July 27, the 2022 East Asia Football Cup finals kicked off. In the early game, the Chinese team faced the weakest Hong Kong team in the tournament. Before this game, the multi-billion-man team had just 1 point after two games and never had a chance to contend for the title again.

Facing weaker opponents, the Chinese team is expected to have a relatively easy game. However, contrary to what the fans think, coach Jankovic led his team through a difficult 90 minutes and could only beat Hong Kong in the 67th minute with Tan Long’s only goal.

In the 2022 East Asia Cup, the Chinese team has 4 points in 3 games and officially won the third place. This is the third time in a row that they have achieved this result. On top of that, the 1-0 victory over Hong Kong ended a series of bad matches in which China had been left unattended for nine consecutive victories.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
The Chinese team ended this series of “embarrassing” games.

Euro 2022 Women’s Final England Women vs Germany Women

In the first semi-final, the England women’s team faced the Swedish women’s team. England’s women’s team face their first chance to reach the European final since 2009 after losing three consecutive semi-finals, this time at home. But their opponent Sweden is FIFA ranked second and the runner-up in the 2021 Olympic Games. Not only that, the last time England hosted the European Championships, they were eliminated by Sweden themselves in the group stage. …

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
The British women’s team beat Sweden in the semi-finals.

England took a long time to get back a game, but suddenly scored the first goal in the 34th minute. The Swedish women’s team failed to tie the game and scored 3 goals in the second half. 4-0, England will play Germany in the women’s final on July 31 – a dramatic 2-1 victory over France in the remaining semi-finals.

Liverpool lose to Salzburg - Eriksen scores his first goal for Man Utd
The match between the German women’s football team (white shirt) and the French team was intense and exciting.

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