Vietnam’s rattan women’s team won the world championship for the first time-Guanghai has a new “opponent”

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Vietnam women’s rattan team wins world championship

Vietnam has repeatedly lost to Thailand in the finals of this content, such as the 2010 World Championships, 2013, 2019 or more recently the 31st Southeast Asian Games. But in the world final in Bangkok on the evening of July 27, Vietnam won 21-21. On the 15th, 23-21 won the championship for the first time.

The Vietnamese women’s team has six athletes participating in the four-person event, including Nguyen Thi My, Nguyen Thi Yan, Tran Thi Ngo Yan, Nguyen Thi Ngo Xuan, Tran Thi Choi Huai and Nguyen Thi Thu Trang.

Vietnam's rattan women's team won the world championship for the first time-Guanghai has a new
The Vietnamese women’s rattan team is the world champion.

Vietnam showed an overwhelming performance in this regard. In the group stage, the team won all three games, including a 21-0 absolute score, 21-0 victory over Pakistan. No team has ever won so many games. In the semi-final, Vietnam beat South Korea 2-0 again. In the end, the champion didn’t lose a round.

Badminton is a popular sport in Southeast Asia, and Thailand is the strongest. This subject has a variety of content such as hoop, doubles, triple (regu) or quadruple (quad).

The World Cloud Bridge Championships have been held in Bangkok, Thailand every year since 1985. The tournament has been cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19. At the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Vietnam’s Tengqiao did not win any gold medals, while Thailand won six of the eight titles.

At 16:45 today, July 28, the Vietnamese women’s trio will compete with the South Korean team in the final.

Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi unified world boxing championship belt in September

WBO mini flyweight champion Nguyen Thi Thu Ni will face IBF mini flyweight champion Yokasta Valle to unify the two world champions, according to information released by the US DAZN TV channel. Thu Nhi will be at home in San Jose – Valle, Costa Rica on September 8th.

On October 24, 2021, in Ansan, South Korea, Nguyen Thi Choi defeated Japanese rival Tada Etsuko in 10 rounds, thus becoming the first Vietnamese boxer to win a professional boxing championship and enter the world industry. However, disagreements between the 1996-born female boxer and management company Cocky Buffalo have kept her plans to defend her title in March from going as planned.

Vietnam's rattan women's team won the world championship for the first time-Guanghai has a new
Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi unified the world boxing championship belt in September.

3 SEA champions kick off track and field events at the Southeast Asian Student Games

The 2022 Southeast Asian Student Games (ASEAN Universiade) kicked off on July 28. The Vietnamese team broke through with four gold medals, three of which were Southeast Asian Games champions.

Pham Thi Hong Le (student of Quy Nhon University) won the women’s 10,000m gold medal with a time of 39:4.52. Pingding girl showed the level of the champion of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, and it is not difficult to take the first place. Although the parameters are still far behind the 35:56.38 that helped me win the gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games at My Dinh Stadium last May.

At the same time, Chen Yihuang (Bac Ninh Sports University), the men’s 400m champion of the 30th Southeast Asian Games, has no opponent in this regard. Qinghe’s “Spice Girl Fan Dance” won the gold medal in 48.31 seconds.

In the women’s triple jump, Vu Thi Ngoc Ha (Hanoi University of Physical Education) won the gold medal with the best high jump of 13.3m. Ngoc Ha was the runner-up in the women’s triple jump at the 31st Southeast Asian Games. But in the women’s long jump, the girl born in 2000 only surpassed senior Bui Thi Thu Thao by 1cm (6.39m vs. 6.38m) to win the women’s long jump championship and the first gold medal in her career at the Southeast Asian Games.

Yongfu women’s volleyball team relegated, coach Zhongyong admits mistakes

Sharing after the relegation of the Rong Phuc women’s volleyball team, head coach Nguyen Trung Dung said: “Talking about difficulties, there are a lot of problems that can’t be done in a few minutes. And I can’t and won’t use these difficulties as an excuse for failure. This failure is the responsibility of the entire team, and I personally lead the team, so the responsibility at me.”

“The whole team tried their best to reach the final. It can be said that the strong passion kept the girls persevering.”

Pau FC launched the 12th rookie, Guanghai has a new “rival”

The Paulo club have just announced that they have successfully brought in a two-year contract from Montpellier. The 2001-born player has grown up and played for the Ligue 1 club’s youth team for two seasons.

Marius Ross plays to his strengths in the position of public defender. Plus, when he’s dexterous, he can kick the wings. This location is very similar to Guanghai. Marius Rose, who is only 1.75 meters tall, may not have the ideal size and has little playing experience, but he has become accustomed to the French football environment. That’s the striker’s advantage.

Vietnam's rattan women's team won the world championship for the first time-Guanghai has a new
Marius Ros is Guanghai’s strength and is a contender for the new season.

The presence of a series of offensive rookies and former veterans has brought a lot of challenges to Guanghai in terms of position competition. Coach Didier Tolot said: “Guang Hai has to adapt, and we have to be patient with him. Ligue 1 is not like Vietnam, and he will encounter many complicated problems when he goes to Europe.”.

Pau FC will head to the stadium in Guingamp for their first match of Ligue 2 2022/2023 on July 31st at 00:00.

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