Vietnam Baseball is a Historic Milestone – List of 14 Vietnamese Players for AVC Cup 2022

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14 Weightlifters Ready for VSP Pro: The Genesis

On the afternoon of July 27th, boxers participating in the VSP Pro: The Genesis event underwent medical examinations and weigh-in procedures for the intense bout scheduled for the evening of July 28th at the city’s VSP Boxing Club. Ho Chi Minh.

VSP Pro: The Genesis will kick off a series of regular events organized by promotion company VSP Promotions, where boxers can launch professional boxing venues and the results are recorded by the organization. World famous boxing organizations such as WBO, WBA, IBF or WBC .

Vietnam Baseball is a Historic Milestone - List of 14 Vietnamese Players for AVC Cup 2022
The Vietnamese boxer will compete in VSP Pro: The Genesis.

The scheduled date for VSP Pro: The Genesis is July 28, 2022, with 14 fighters competing in 7 fights in a 4-round professional format. Here, the Vietnamese boxer will make his debut against opponents from Australia and Malta. Do Ngoc Hoan, Le Van Hien, Le Cong Nghi and many more martial artists from Vietnam Sports Village attended the competition…the competition will be fierce competition.

Especially at the official weigh-in session of VSP Pro: The Genesis this afternoon, the referees of Vietnam Boxing Federation (VBF), Ho Chi Minh City Boxing Federation. Ho Chi Minh City (HBF) trained with expert Aaron Jang and referee Lee Jeong Taek from the WBO (World Boxing Organization – World Boxing Organization) to understand the process of supervising matches to professional standards.

Vietnamese swimmers compete with each other at Solidarity Sports Festival 2022

The Water Sports Solidarity Sports Festival 2022 is divided into 3 events, swimming starts on July 19 and ends yesterday (July 26, 2022). Vietnam has nine athletes participating in swimming competitions, with nearly 800 athletes from 11 countries participating.

In the composition of the Vietnamese swimming team this time, Nguyen Huu Kim Son, who won the gold medal in the men’s 400-meter medley in the 2017 SEA Games and the silver medal in the men’s 800-meter freestyle in the 31st SEA Games… People born in 2002 participated in 4 events, Including: 400m freestyle (4:04.43, 31st), 200m medley (2:10.61, 33rd), 200m freestyle (1:55.71, 40th) and 100m freestyle (52.62, 86th).

Vietnam Baseball is a Historic Milestone - List of 14 Vietnamese Players for AVC Cup 2022
The Vietnamese swimming team participates in the 2022 Solidarity Sports Festival in Russia.

Female athlete Fan Shifan recently invested in Hungary for long-distance training and participated in 5 short-distance swimming events (50m, 100m), of which the best result was the 38th place in the 50m event, the frog (34.51), and the 22nd place age U14-17…

Besides Son, the Vietnamese delegation also has some young athletes, such as Le Trong Phuc (U15-18), 26th in the 200m frog event (2:23.23), 45th in the 50m frog event (30.01), 9th Age Group U15-18; Le Thi Thanh Van, 12th in 200m Butterfly (2:20.46)…

Other athletes such as Ta Minh Hieu, Nguyen Viet Tuong, Vo Dinh Phi, Dang Ai My, Nguyen Thi Nhat Lam… also participated in many other individual and relay races.

After the swimming, the conference will hold diving (July 24-30) with two athletes from Vietnam. The synchronized swimming category was held from July 28 to August 3, and Vietnam sent 8 athletes and 3 coaches to participate in the competition.

Notable absence of Vietnam women’s team at AVC Cup 2022

Tomorrow (July 28), coach Nguyen Tuan Kiet, 3 assistants and 14 players will gather at the National Sports Training Center in Jen. This is the assembly time of the 31st SEA Games after a lapse of 2 months. In the women’s ranking list for the AVC Cup in 2022, some players such as Bi Xuan, Jin Cheng, and Cha Jiang are unfortunately absent, especially the free people’s celebration. when.

In the expected list, Bi Xuan was one of 14 players, but captain Ninh Binh Doviwo refused this time. Before the 31st SEA Games, Bi Xuan suffered a torn abdominal muscle.

Vietnam Baseball is a Historic Milestone - List of 14 Vietnamese Players for AVC Cup 2022
The list of 14 players gathered this time.

Besides Bich Tuyen, there is another name that was not named in this gathering, which many people regret, and that is Libero Khanh Dang. Nguyen Khanh Dang is 1.56 meters tall and is one of the most prominent freemen in the volleyball village today. The girl born in 2000 always gets praise and applause from the audience every time she plays, because of her smart, rolling style of play, especially her ability to pass fire to her teammates.

Another unfortunate absence was Dinh Thi Tra Giang – an assistant who always stood out as an efficient and quick third. In the last National Championship, Cha Jiang impressed him with his stable performance and smart play.

In addition to Bi Xuan, Qing Dang, and Cha Jiang, the team assembled this time also included other faces such as Jin Qing, Ruan Fang, and Yue Xiang. These are players who have been consistent in the last league.

Baseball Vietnam marks historic milestone for National Club Cup

Overcoming difficulties and challenges, baseball and softball in Vietnam are now standing before a historic milestone, the first official game as part of the national game system run by the Baseball and Balloon Federation. The “National Baseball Club Cup 2022” built by Vietnam will open tomorrow at the Ho Chi Minh City Sports and Sports Center from July 28 to July 31.

Although this competition is actually the “first idea” of the federation, the quality and size of the competition is to be expected given the number and composition of participating athletes and clubs. Specifically, a total of 168 athletes from 8 teams from 3 regions participated in the competition. Seven of the teams are from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s major economic centers and where baseball has had a “long sprouting and development” at all levels.

Vietnam Baseball is a Historic Milestone - List of 14 Vietnamese Players for AVC Cup 2022
Baseball fans are about to experience an official-quality tournament for the first time in Vietnam.

It is worth noting that the contestants of this competition do not need to be Vietnamese citizens, but the organizers allow foreigners who live and work in Vietnam and participate in national baseball clubs to participate.

In addition, an extremely important part of the competition organization, referee work and competition rules, have also been drafted by VBSF in detail and scientifically. It is reported that the game will be managed by international referees from the Colts, Junior League, Vietnam-Japan Baseball Association, Korea Baseball and Softball Federation. The applicable laws for the 2022 National Baseball Club Cup are the current World Baseball and Softball Federation (WBSC) laws and some regulations of the Organizing Committee (modified and supplemented according to the actual situation of Vietnam baseball).

According to the scheduled time, on July 28 at 8 am, the opening ceremony of the National Baseball Cup will be held, followed by two teams from the capital, ULIS Devil Bat and Hanoi. Archer A.

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