Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts – SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi

22 Aug 2022 | 03:21 | LATEST POSTS

HAGL’s first home defeat under head coach Kiatisak

HAGL in V-League 2022 is not very consistent. Coach Kiatisak’s army did not play well at the beginning of the season, and then rose to 2nd place in the standings with 5 consecutive victories. However, in the last two games, Nui Street had to suffer heavy losses against Hanoi and Haiphong.

Especially in the home game against Haiphong, HAGL scored higher than their opponents. However, something unexpected happened when representatives of the port city came to celebrate the goal before Rio Mario managed to kick 11m.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Under head coach Kiatisak, HAGL must take their first home defeat.

Although Van Toan equalised in the 64th minute, Mpande’s late goal was handed to Hagel empty-handed. Notably, this was also the first time HAGL lost at home in Pleiku under coach Kiatisak.

Before the game against Haiphong, Van Toan and his teammates were unbeaten in 11 consecutive home games at Pleiku. However, the number was officially halted when HAGL were unable to score against the home team at the Lach Tray Stadium.

In addition, this loss also resulted in HAGL being overtaken by rival Hai Phong in the rankings. The gap between Kiatisak’s teachers and students and Hanoi’s top team is likely to continue to widen. In the next round, HAGL will take a short break before returning to host Saigon FC in round 14.

Hong Linh Ha Tinh beat Nam Dinh at home

With the V-League losing 3 games in a row to Hanoi, Saigon and Thanh Hoa, Hong Ling Ha Jin is very determined to beat the visiting team Nam Dinh in a tie. Table. Lesson. Due to heavy rain and power outages, the game at Ha Tinh Stadium had to be played 17 minutes later than originally scheduled.

In the 11th minute, the right-wing teammate took a corner kick, and the captain and midfielder Almeida scored with a header, opening the scoring for Hong Linghe Jing. Minutes later, Nam Dinh missed several chances to equalize due to a puddle in front of goalkeeper Duong Quang Tuan’s goal.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Hong Linh Ha Tinh beat Nam Dinh at home.

The visitors’ most eye-catching opportunity came when Alisson Pereira’s free kick was saved in the 31st minute, and at the end of the first half, coach Nguyen Thanh Cong’s Hong Ling Ha Jing extended the lead.

The rain stopped in the second half, and the home team played more moderately, but still scored more goals. In the 72nd minute, midfielder Fan Wenlong came off the bench, swept 2 yellow shirt players with his left foot, and kicked the goal of Zhongnan Ding with his left foot.

If lucky, Paollo Oliveira scored a goal at the end of the game, but a 2-goal win and a clean sheet was enough to help Hong Linh Ha Tinh bring joy to the home crowd. The Pink Shirts are still 10th in the V-League this year, but they have 14 points, just one point behind Thanh Hoa and Binh Duong. Meanwhile, Nam Dinh is currently 11th with 10 points after 11 games.

SLNA risk falling behind Hanoi after loss to Viettel FC

Ahead of the 2022 V-League Round 13 at Hang Day Stadium, Viettel, while playing at home, is underrated compared to SLNA, who have performed very well in the first leg of the season.

The first few minutes of the game convinced fans that the SLNA would do well on Viettel’s field. After the first few minutes of being forced by the SLNA, Viettel began to deploy the game around Geovane.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
After losing to Viettel FC, SLNA has the potential to be far behind Hanoi.

In the 21st minute, the Brazilian forward cleverly moved behind the SLNA defender and received a long pass from his teammate. Giovane’s excellent performance led to a foul by goalkeeper Fan Huang in the penalty area. At 11m, Geovane made a dangerous finish to beat Van Hoang to open the score for Viettel.

Vettel, who was leading the goal, actively eased possession and reduced the momentum of the visiting team. SLNA struggled to find an equalizer but it didn’t come, but they also scored their second goal in 90+4 minutes. Hoang Duc broke the offside trap and threw the ball away from Van Hoang in the head-to-head game to create a 2-0 victory for Viettel FC.

After HAGL’s loss to Haiphong, the win helped Viettel climb to 4th and HAGL dropped to 5th. At the same time, SLNA is still second in the group, but only ahead of Haiphong in terms of points difference, and Hanoi, the top team with 6 points more than SLNA, has a game against Binh Duong this round.

Haiphong fans light torches on the streets of Pleiku ahead of game against HAGL

An hour before the game between HAGL and Haiphong, guests showed up on the streets of Pleiku, in front of the stadium’s main entrance. Due to the geographical distance, not many Haiphong fans came to Nui Street to support the home team.

However, a small group of away fans made waves in the area in front of Pleiku Stadium. They create vivid sounds with drums, trumpets, electronic music. In addition, Haiphong fans lit flares, attracting the attention of a large part of the ancients.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Haiphong fans light torches on the streets of Pleiku ahead of the game against HAGL.

Many people take advantage of the opportunity to shoot and take pictures. On July 10, in the sixth round match between Hanoi and Haiphong, Hong Kong fans also lit red torches outside the stadium.

Haiphong Club was fined VND 15 million for setting fire at Vinh Field by fans of the home team. The VPF has partnered with Haiphong clubs to demand publicity and awareness to ban fans from carrying and lighting flares inside the stadium, threatening the safety of the game. However, Haiphong fans could not burn in the courtyard, they burned outside the stadium.

The match between HAGL and Haiphong will be held at Pleiku Stadium on August 19th at 5:00pm. The home team is third with 19 points. The Ports trailed by 2 points.

Hanoi Football Club sends greetings to coach Chu Dinh Ninh

On the official Facebook page of Hanoi Football Club, the team sent birthday wishes to the head coach of Haiphong Club, Chu Dinh Ninh. This is not surprising as coach Chu Dinh Nghiem has been with the Capitals for a long time.

Before leaving Hanoi FC in April 2021, Nghiem led the team in 176 games (106 wins, 43 wins and 27 losses). Under coach Chu Dinh Ninh, Hanoi FC won the 2016, 2018, 2019 V-League, 2019, 2020 National Cup, 2018, 2019, 2020 Super Cup and 2019 AFC Cup Regional Finals champion.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Hanoi Football Club extended greetings to head coach Chu Ding Ninh.

The most impressive goalscorers in the first leg of the V-League in 2022

The V-League will wrap up the first leg this weekend. This is when we can see some of the highlights from the first leg, including a game of the best strikers. Let’s take a look at the forwards who impressed late in the season.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Gordon Rimario scored 9 goals.

The most impressive name in the main striker game is Gordon Remario. With nine goals, Ri Mario proved his superiority and was the fulcrum that helped Haiphong rise to the upper echelons of the V-League. In the absence of injuries and suspensions, the Jamaican striker can lead the Haiphong club further.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Second on this list is Geovane Magno.

Second on this list is Geovane Magno. While Geovane’s 5-goal record was not too impressive, it was a bright spot, and the attack left a lot of disappointment for the Viettel Club.

Among the foreign aids who scored 4 goals, the most impressive is Vladimir Silady. The Serbian striker’s acceleration was impressive when the V-League returned at the end of June. Silady not only scored goals, but also contributed a lot to Hanoi FC’s performance.

Viettel overtakes HAGL on charts - SLNA in danger of being left far behind by Hanoi
Kang Fang scored 4 goals.

For the domestic striker, the biggest surprise right now is Topenland Binh Dinh’s Ho Tan Tai. Although he only plays at right-back, Tan Tai has scored 4 goals and is the top scorer in China. A similar achievement is Cong Phuong. The striker’s 4 goals contributed significantly to the rise of Huang Eng Gia Lai. Cong Phuong is sure to further improve his scoring record in the V-League as long as he maintains a more consistent stamina in Stage 2. Cong Phuong’s HAGL teammate Van Toan also scored 4 goals.

Saigon FC recruits former Australian U20 player

Saigon Football Club has successfully recruited foreign aid Nicholas Olsen, who played for Australia’s U20s. Olsen was born in 1995 and plays as a winger. Before joining Saigon FC, Olsen played for Brisbane Roar in the A-League (Australia).

With the emergence of Olsen, Saigon has 3 foreign aids, namely midfielder Rodrigo Naniteramio (born in 1996), midfielder Olsen (1995) and striker Matthews Weiss Ella Da Silva (1997). Saigon FC are bottom after 11 rounds. This weekend, Saigon Football Club will take on rivals Ho Chi Minh City.

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