Magnus Carlsen “Debt Collection” Le Quang Liem – 2022 National Youth Jiu-Jitsu Championships open

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Tennis Fu Jen wins team championship at Ho Chi Minh City Sports Conference 2022

The tennis content of the Ho Chi Minh City Sports Congress 2022 has just concluded with the men’s and women’s team events after the final on August 19 at 08:00 am. After that, the athlete rests for a day. The rest starts on Sunday.

Magnus Carlsen
Men’s Team Award.

It’s no surprise that the men’s team champion fell to Fu Nuan. With strong teams, Tat Thai Nguyen and Pham Minh Tuan almost completely overcame Division 6. So far, Le Quoc Khanh, the remaining member of the Rich Nhuan team, who just returned from the 2022 Davis Cup, is still short of showing off.

Magnus Carlsen
Women’s Team Award.

The Phu Nhuan women’s team won the team title with the same softness as their men’s counterparts with convincing victories from Vo Guilin and Le Thao Han. Like the men’s and women’s teams, Fu Nuan did not use the star Daomingzhuang who had just participated in the Billy Jean Gold Cup regional competition.

“Chess King” Magnus Carlsen “Debt Collection” Le Quang Liem

The FTX Crypto Cup is one of the three main prizes in the Champions Chess Tour 2022 9 event system. The FTX Crypto Cup brings together 8 world super masters including the “chess king” Magnus Carlsen.

The focus for Vietnamese fans in the fourth round of the FTX Crypto Cup was the confrontation between Quang Liem and Magnus Carlsen. It was also the first meeting between the two players since Guanglian defeated Magnus Carlsen at the Oslo Esports Cup in April.

Magnus Carlsen
“Chess King” Magnus Carlsen “Debt Collection” Le Quang Liem.

In the first game, Magnus Carlsen got white, but played rather cautiously. At the same time, Quang Liem is confident in a smart exchange decision to weaken his opponent’s attack. As a result, the two shook hands and made peace in just 37 steps. The situation in the second game was very similar to the first game, although Quang Liem had the advantage of holding white. As a result, the two continued to draw after 37 moves.

The turning point of the game came at the end of the third inning. When the game was still in a certain balance, Quang Liem suddenly leaked and was immediately sent off by Magnus Carlsen. The loss of this match put a lot of pressure on Quang Liem in the previous match. The pressure to win made Quang Liem impatient and Magnus Carlsen used this to win again after 37 moves.

In the final 1-3 loss to Magnus Carlsen, Guanglian temporarily ranked 7 of the 8 contestants with only 1 win after the first 4 games. At the same time, “chess king” still maintains the top position after 4 wins.

2022 National Junior Jiu-Jitsu Championships Opening Ceremony

On August 19, at the Henan Provincial Gymnastics Hall, the General Administration of Sports, the Vietnam Jiu-Jitsu Federation and the Henan Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the opening ceremony of the championship. 2022 Jiu-Jitsu competition. The competition will take place from 17 to 26 August 2022.

This event attracted more than 200 athletes from 20 provinces, cities and industries across the country. Athletes competed in 5 events: Newaza 11 Men’s and Women’s Heavyweights, Newaza NoGi 11 Men’s and Women’s Heavyweights, Fighting 10 Men’s and Women’s Heavyweights, Show (Duo Show) 3 Heavyweights (Men’s Doubles), Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles), Duo Classic 3 heavyweight divisions (Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles).

Holding the 2022 National Jiu-Jitsu Youth Championship aims to help athletes have the opportunity to compete with each other and improve their professional quality, and at the same time select outstanding athletes for the national youth team and guide them to participate in international competitions in the near future.

Magnus Carlsen 'debt collection' Le Quang Liem - Phu Nhuan tennis unrivaled at Ho Chi Minh City Athletic Conference 2022
The opening ceremony of the 2022 National Junior Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

Australian volleyball team reveals reasons for choosing Vietnam as training ground ahead of AVC Cup 2022

The AVC Cup Volleyball Championship 2022 will be held in Quezon City, Philippines from August 21-28. In this AVC Cup volleyball competition, the Australian women’s team is in Group B with Japan, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan. Recently, Kazakhstan pulled out of the competition, so there are only 4 teams in Group B. The list of 14 athletes participating in this training trip is also the face of the upcoming 2022 AVC Cup. In particular, passing two Kyle Lane would be a candidate to captain this team.

Magnus Carlsen
Australia will be in Group B with Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

Coach Martin Collins revealed why his team chose Vietnam as a training location: “In Vietnam, there are many compatible air conditions, such as the hot and humid conditions similar to Manila in the Philippines. Also, before the 2022 AVC Cup Championship, many Vietnamese volleyball teams will be suitable opponents for us.”

During the recent training sessions, we hope that the players will get to know each other better, promote teamwork and develop game skills. One of the most important tasks is to promote an effective offense, because in the near future we will have to face the best teams in Asia. We don’t train and play together as often as other teams in Asia. Teamwork and a specific understanding of offense, especially for my players to go further in this game, are important. “

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