Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool – Mu dressing room chaos

28 Aug 2022 | 09:50 | LATEST POSTS

Maguire ‘beheaded’ by ten witches

According to the MEN, manager Eric Ten Haag is considering excluding Harry Maguire from the starting line-up against Liverpool. The “Red Devils” captain has had an unforgettable start to the season. In both of Mourinho’s embarrassing defeats, he played the full 90 minutes and didn’t make many outstanding contributions.

Former Real Madrid star Rafael Varane has been on the bench for the past two games. However, he has a chance to return to the starting lineup in the next game.

Ten Haag will continue to trust Lisandro Martinez as a centre-back, the source added. De Gea is still in the woods as usual, although the goalkeeper has just committed a disastrous error against Brentford.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Ten witches knocked Maguire out of the Liverpool game.

Casemiro would be the fourth-highest salary in the Premier League if he joins Manchester United

Mourinho is willing to pay big money to sign Casemiro, both in terms of transfer fees and wages. The Brazilian has already received an offer from the Red Devils and is considering a decision: should he stay with Real Madrid, whose contract remains the mainstay until 2025, or go to the Premier League to make a clearance? Old Trafford.

When Eric ten Haag’s teachers and pupils both lost their first two Premier League games, a severe crisis at MU forced the club’s leadership to rush the transfer market, with the biggest target now being Casemiro, who are ready to Offer him an offer of up to 60 million euros from Real Madrid.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
MU wants to strengthen Casemiro’s midfield.

MU wants to convince the Brazilian player as soon as possible and is trying to lure him with a high salary. According to reporter Tancredi Palmeri, the “Red Devils” have offered a five-year contract with a salary of 18 million euros per season. If admitted to Old Trafford, Casemiro would be the fourth-highest-paid player in the Premier League, behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah.

According to Marca, Real Madrid are understandably silent ahead of the rumours surrounding Casemiro. If MU is really interested, they will let the Brazilian midfielder decide his future. For a player who is already 30 years old and has many options, especially Giorgio Ameni, it is difficult for the Blancos to refuse such an important sum (about 60 million euros).

Chelsea ‘working hard’ for Pulisic transfer to MU

Chelsea could allow Christian Pulisic to join Manchester United on loan if the player agrees to renew his contract first. Boss Todd Boley would rather sell the captain than accept Mourinho’s loan request, but he is considering the option if Pulisic agrees to a two-year extension.

After spending £58m from Borussia Dortmund two years ago, Chelsea are looking to protect their fortune on loan and hope Pulisic excels at Old Trafford, where he will have more game time and growth value. If Pulisic stays at Stamford Bridge, he is likely to spend most of his time on the bench, something the US international doesn’t want as the World Cup approaches.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Pulisic has lost his official position at Chelsea.

Britain’s hottest billionaire wants to buy MU: worth £12bn, is a fan of the ‘Red Devils’

A spokesman for billionaire Ratcliffe told The Times: “If MU sells, Jim is definitely a potential buyer. If that happens, we want to negotiate with a long-term ownership point of view.”.

The spokesman added that Ratcliffe would invest in upgrading existing infrastructure, such as Old Trafford, which was deteriorating and needed a makeover. “It’s not about money spent or not spent. Jim is thinking about what can be done now and knowing how important the club is to the city, it looks like it’s time to reset.”.

Ratcliffe is considered Britain’s richest man with an estimated net worth of £12 billion. He is the founder of the multinational chemical company Ineos. What’s more, Ratcliffe was also an avid MU fan since he was a child.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Billionaire Ratcliffe wants to buy MU.

MU buys 5 players

MU are trying to sign five more players before the end of the summer transfer window. The Telegraph report that they are looking for a new right-back, two midfielders, a winger and a striker.

Dortmund’s Thomas Meunier, Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic, Real Madrid’s Casemiro midfielder, Lazio’s Sergei Milinkovic-Savic and Pierre-Emerick Merrick Aubameyang is on United’s target list. Among them, the “Red Devils” are particularly interested in Casemiro and Aubameyang.

Billionaire Elon Musk ‘rolls over’: buying Manchester United was just a joke

On the morning of August 17, billionaire Elon Musk posted the following sentence on Twitter, which caused a heated discussion in the online community: “I would buy Manchester United, you’re welcome.” This information excited many MU fans. With total assets as high as 300 billion US dollars, if the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX buys the British team, the Red Devils can “change lives” and have a bright future.

But at noon on August 17, when a user asked him if he was serious about buying the club, Elon Musk replied: “No, it’s a long-running joke on Twitter. I don’t buy any sports teams”.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Billionaire Elon Musk ‘turns the car’: buying Manchester United was just a joke.

Musk is known for his jokes on social media. There was also a time when the 1971-born billionaire did the real thing when he bought Twitter outright. However, the acquisition of MU is not in this story.

However, Elon Musk also believes that if he wants to buy a club in the future, it will be Manchester United, because this is the team he has liked since he was a child. Elon Musk’s statement puts an end to rumours that the billionaire invested in owning Manchester United.

Chaos in the MU locker room

According to MEN, the atmosphere in the locker room was unusually heavy. Specifically, the source said that some MU players were not satisfied with Ten Haag’s tactics, and the Dutch strategist’s way of playing did not suit their skills. Players want the 52-year-old to change his tactics against Liverpool.

The source also revealed that since his return, Cristiano Ronaldo has shown a bad attitude towards head coach Ten Hager. The 37-year-old striker is said to be the first to express dissatisfaction and protest against the ten Haag’s high-pressure play.

This is certainly not what Ten Witch wants now. The strategist was known for his modern, fiery style of play when he was still leading Ajax. The game has not yet started, but the players have expressed their dissent, so it is difficult for Mourinho to create a story against Liverpool.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Ronaldo is said to be the initiator of a tactical wave against coach Ten Haag.

Mourinho still hasn’t given up on Anthony’s transfer target

Manchester United are set to make a blockbuster offer for Ajax winger Anthony as the summer transfer window approaches. Old Trafford are hoping the Brazilian striker will be reunited with his old teacher Eric Ten Haag after his numerous successes in the Netherlands.

Ajax had previously raised Anthony’s price from £68m to £84m to keep the 22-year-old after losing several other key stars this summer. MU had to temporarily withdraw to switch to a new, cheaper name. But at this moment, Ten Hag has a headache, because the attack is in an extremely serious crisis, and Old Trafford is forced to return to buy Anthony and will make an offer for Ajax this week. Can’t refuse.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
MU will return to recruit Anthony and will make a huge offer this week.

MU offers record price for Felix, Atletico shakes his head and refuses

According to reports in Spain, Manchester United have focused on striker Joao Felix in the final days of the 2022 summer transfer window. The Red Devils target Joao Felix to escalate their attack. Officials from Old Trafford have come to Spain to negotiate a record 130 million euros to persuade Atletico to let them go.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Manchester United’s offer was flatly rejected. The Spanish team insist that the only way for Felix to leave the Wanda Metropolitano is to activate a €350m release clause. Meanwhile, head coach Diego Simeone also sees Felix as Madrid’s future.

Ten witches knock out Maguire against Liverpool - Mu dressing room chaos
Manchester United made a record price for Felix, but Atletico shook his head and refused.

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