VFF organises more international events – U20 Vietnam has a special plan

30 Aug 2022 | 14:30 | LATEST POSTS

VFF organizes more international events, coach Kong Wujun accepts important “instructions”

If there is only one goal left for the Vietnam national team this year, it is the 2022 AFC Cup. The young team is busy preparing for a series of intercontinental competitions, such as the 2023 Asian U20 Qualifiers, the second round, the 2023 AFC U17 group and Southeast Asia. Game 32.

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) is attaching great importance to the core strength building and game play of young teams. At present, Vietnam U20 is training in Japan, where U17 Vietnam will also go to the land of rising sun to learn and accumulate experience.

VFF organises more international events - U20 Vietnam has a special plan
The VFF will organize the International U21 Championship in the near future.

Especially for the U21 age group, news from the General Administration of Sport and VFF said that by the end of this year, there will be many games and frictions in this age group. In addition to the two events of the National U21 Championship (qualifiers + finals) and the National Sports Congress, the Vietnamese football leaders are also planning to host the International Youth Championship.

Accordingly, VFF plans to organize the 2022 International U21 Championship with 4 participating teams, including 2 international teams and 2 Vietnamese teams. The two domestic representatives are likely to be the Vietnam U21 team and the Vietnam U20 team, focusing on creating more competitive opportunities for the next generation of players in the Vietnam U23 and national teams.

It is understood that the U21 team selected for Vietnam will include the best players in the national U21 finals, which may include players born in 2001 who have performed well in Vietnam U23 shirts, such as Quan Wenchuan, Wu Tianlong, Pan Tuan Tai, Nguyen Van Tung, Huynh Cong Den, Le Van Do, Luong Duy Cuong…

VFF appointed Vietnam U23 head coach Gong Wujun to closely observe the team in preparation for Vietnam U23’s preparations for Cambodia’s 32nd Southeast Asian Games, 19th Asian Games, as well as the 2024 Asian U23 Qualifiers, Finals and 2024 Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, Vietnam U20 is aiming to prepare for the U20 Asia final in Uzbekistan in early March 2023 (if Vietnam passes the qualifiers in Indonesia next September). This Vietnam U20 team is the Vietnam U19 team that has just won the International U19 Championship and is training in Japan. There will be more excellent players playing in the V League and the upcoming League One.

U20 Vietnam team has special plans ahead of Indonesia rematch

Coach Dinh The Nam and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) are trying to persuade teams in the A and V leagues to “release” their troops before the entire squad travels to Indonesia for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers. The U20 Vietnam team is expected to add 10-11 players when they start training in Hanoi.

The list given by coach Dinh The Nam includes players from many big teams such as SLNA, Danang Club or Binh Duong Club. Phi Hoang (Da Nang Club), Bui Vi Hao (Binh Duong Club) or Dinh Xuan Tien, Ho Van Cuong (SLNA) are the target names. These are impressive young players who regularly play in the 2022 V-League.

Also, if the teams agree to “family,” then coach Dinh The Nam will call up another 6-7 players from the top teams. Recently, the chairman of Pho Hien Club, Mr. Vu Tien Thanh confirmed that the team will have 7 players called up to the U20 Vietnam team, including Nguyen Hai Nam, Nguyen Hieu Minh, Tran Ngoc Son, Nguyen Xuan Bac, Nguyen Duc Phu, Vo Anh Quan and Nguyen Thanh Nhan.

VFF organises more international events - U20 Vietnam has a special plan
The U19 Vietnam team will be replenished ahead of the 2023 AFC U20 qualifiers.

U23 Cambodia Friendship U23 Japan

In preparation for the 2023 SEA Games, Cambodia U23 will play a friendly match with Japan U23 at home on September 20. The match will take place on September 20 at Moradok Techo Stadium in Cambodia.

The match time also coincides with FIFA Day in September, when the Cambodian national team will play a friendly match against Bangladesh at the Moradok Technical Stadium on September 22. It is understood that the coach Keisuke Honda will directly command the match between U23 and Cambodia.

The ‘King of Penalties’ will open the match between Pau and Sochaux

BTC Ligue 2 has announced the identity of the referee for the fourth round of Pau FC and Sochaux. It is Mr. Gael Angoula, the referee associated with the name of the penalty kicker.

After 101 main games, the 40-year-old Black King has a total of 322 yellow cards, 8 indirect red cards, 13 direct red cards and 23 penalties. Gael Angura averaged 3.2 yellow cards per game.

Referee Gael Angola was born in 1982 and was a former professional footballer who played in both Ligue 1 and Ligue 1. Gael Angola retired in 2017 and switched to refereeing.

Hanoi I to meet Ho Chi Minh City I in Women’s Nations Cup 2022 final

Ho Chi Minh City I met Than KSVN in the 2022 Women’s National Cup Women’s Soccer Championship semi-final. As usual, the game between Ho Chi Minh City I and Than KSVN is always going on at high speed as there are two teams ready to play. attack his opponent.

However, the unexpected goal came from a fixed-ball situation. In the 5th minute, after Ruan Thi Beicui took a corner kick, Chen Ruan Baozhou scored with a powerful shot.

VFF organises more international events - U20 Vietnam has a special plan
Beating Than KSVN, Ho Chi Minh City, I reached the final of the 2022 Women’s National Cup Soccer Championship.

After the deadlock was broken, the game got even more interesting when Than KSVN pushed the team up in search of an equalizer. Going into the second half, the game didn’t change much. The flexibility of Duong Thi Van and Nguyen Thi Van helped the Mines make many impressive ball deployments. In contrast, the Ho Chi Minh City I proved dangerous with captain Huynh Nhu’s outstanding ability to fight independently.

However, 45 minutes was still not enough for Than KSVN to find at least one goal. Ho Chi Minh City’s first team narrowly beat Than KSVN to become the first team to reach the final of the 2022 Women’s National Cup.

The second semi-final of the competition is between Hanoi I and Thai Nguyen T&T. With the increase in the quality of personnel, Thai Nguyen T&T has improved rapidly, showing an opponent who is not easy to play.

Hanoi’s first team has many national team players, but Lei failed to enter the opponent’s goal in the first half, until the 63rd minute of the second half, Huang’s free kick was deft, and in the second half. To break the goal, the Hanoi team took the lead.

VFF organises more international events - U20 Vietnam has a special plan
Hanoi I meet Ho Chi Minh City I in the 2022 Women’s Nations Cup final.

To concede the ball at a sensitive moment, coach Doan Viet Trieu asked his students to attack in search of an equalizer. The rest of the time, Hanoi, I adjusted quickly when they chose to play steadily and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.

The game ended 1-0 in favor of the higher scoring team. So the 3rd prize match will be between Than KSVN and Thai Nguyen T&T at 4pm. The final match of the National Cup Women’s Football Championship will be a close encounter between Ho Chi Minh City I and Hanoi I. Both games will take place on August 21st.

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