Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner – Thanh Thuy joins Vietnam volleyball team

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Player Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner

The first chess player in Vietnam, Le Quang Liem is currently participating in the FTX Crypto Cup event in Miami, USA from August 15th to August 21st. The FTX Crypto Cup is one of the three main prizes in the Champions Chess Tour 2022 9 event system. The FTX Crypto Cup brings together 8 world super masters including the “chess king” Magnus Carlsen.

The players face another opponent every day. For every point won, players will receive $2,500. A player who wins after four quick games gets three points, a player who wins a tie-break gets two points, and a player who loses in the tie-break gets one point. Quang Liem scored 4.5 points after 3 clashes with Anish Giri (USA, Elo 2793), Alireza Firouzja (France, Elo 2793) and Duda Jan-Krzysztof (Poland, Elo 2792).

Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner - Thanh Thuy joins Vietnam volleyball team
Quang Liem (left) has another chance to face Carlsen at the ongoing FTX Crypto Cup in the US.

In the clash with the Polish Chess World Cup champion Duda Jan-Krzysztof, Guanglian dominated with 2 wins and 1 draw. Ended the victory by a score of 2.5 – 1.5.

The victory over his Polish opponent has Quang Liem confidently looking forward to the “chess king” Norway’s Magnus Carlsen (Elo 2822) in Game 4 at dawn on August 19 (Vietnam time).

Before 2022, Guanglian was defeated every time he met Carlsen, but now things have changed. In the year-to-date Champions Tour alone, Guanglian has faced Carlsen several times. Quang Liem lost twice to Carlsen at the Airthings Masters in February, and heading into March, the Vietnamese player drew “The King of Chess” at the Charity Cup. The Oslo Esports Cup in April saw Quang Liem take down Carlsen for the first time, including two outright victories.

At dawn on August 19, Vietnamese fans continued to have high hopes that Quang Lim would defeat Carlsen, or at least the Ho Chi Minh City player would also win the “King of Chess” 1 game.

Hanoi Nhat, the entire team for the two contents of the 2022 National Wrestling Championships

On August 17, in Xuanguang Province, the General Administration of Sports and the Xuanguang Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the closing ceremony of the National Freestyle Wrestling and Classical Wrestling Annual Championships. 2022.

A total of more than 200 athletes from 20 provinces, cities and industry delegations from across the country participated in this event, including 33 heavyweight events including classical wrestling, men’s freestyle wrestling, and women’s freestyle wrestling.

Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner - Thanh Thuy joins Vietnam volleyball team
Athletes compete in the 2022 National Junior Freestyle and Classical Wrestling Championships.

After 6 days of competition, the players played their best level in the spirit of honesty, enthusiasm and excitement, and brought many exciting games to the audience. Finally, the organizing committee awards awards to athletes who have performed well in content and weight class competitions.

In the classical wrestling competition, the team’s first prize was awarded to the Bac Ninh delegation, the second prize was awarded to the Army team, and the Hanoi delegation was awarded the third prize. In the women’s freestyle event, the first prize of the whole group was awarded to the Hanoi delegation, the second prize of the army group, and the third prize of the Thanh Hoa delegation. In the men’s freestyle event, the Hanoi delegation won the first prize, the army team won the second prize, and the Haiphong delegation won the third prize.

Thanh Thuy will join forces with Vietnam women’s volleyball team tomorrow

Asian Volleyball Championship – The 2022 AVC Cup is getting closer, and teams are gearing up to prepare for Quezon City, Philippines. The Vietnamese women’s volleyball team is in Thailand for the final days of training before heading to the Philippines to compete.

On August 19, the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team will fly from Thailand to the Philippines. On the same day, captain Tran Thi Qingcui will also fly from Japan to the Philippines to reunite with his teammates. Therefore, Thanh Thuy has only 1 day to practice with the women’s team before entering the tournament.

Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner - Thanh Thuy joins Vietnam volleyball team
Before the match, Thanh Thuy will have only 1 day to practice with his teammates.

Today (August 18), coach Nguyen Tuan Kiet will lead the team in Bangkok for the second friendly match against Thai players. In the first friendly match on August 15, the Vietnamese women’s team lost 2-3 to host Thailand.

The 2022 AVC Cup Women’s Volleyball Championship will be held at PhilSports Arena in Pasig City, Philippines from August 21-29. Initially, the competition will feature 10 teams, but due to Kazakhstan’s withdrawal, only 9 teams remain and will be divided into 2 groups. Group A includes the hosts Philippines, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Iran, and Group B includes Australia, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

The first game is the rematch between China and South Korea at 12:00 on August 21. Vietnam’s first match will be against the host Philippines at 18:00.

What did Bich Tuyen say when he didn’t join the team but still played against Australia?

The Australian women’s volleyball team played their second friendly with coach Thai Thanh Tung’s Ninh Binh Doveco during their training trip to Vietnam yesterday. But the result of this game will not necessarily arouse the interest of many fans, because Bi Xuan is going to play.

Bich Tuyen has popped up on the Ninh Binh Doveco club’s jersey after refusing to play in the 2022 AVC Cup, still impressing with his usual strong smash.

Le Quang Liem beats World Cup winner - Thanh Thuy joins Vietnam volleyball team
Despite appearing in the match against Australia, Bi Xuan said she is not yet at 100 per cent.

Bich Tuyen explained the look, saying she couldn’t guarantee 100% health and performance, leading to the decision to decline recruitment: “My injury came from the Hualu Cup. The first round was very close, so the shoulder injury could not be recovered, and the abdominal muscle injury also recurred. I am still recovering. I hope to recover.” Participate in the competition in time”Bich Tuyen revealed.

It’s unclear whether she’s playing is as important as how she plays, with Bich Tuyen saying she wasn’t at her best in the friendly against Australia and the recruitment is a whole story. Wearing a national team jersey for a big event like the AVC Cup is physically demanding, and Tuyen herself admits she can’t meet that requirement.

2022 Ho Chi Minh City Sports Congress Tennis Results

The tennis content of the 2022 Ho Chi Minh City Sports Conference will enter the fourth day of the competition from 8:00 a.m. on August 18 to determine the participating teams for the men’s and women’s team championships.

It’s no surprise that Phu Nhuan has a place in the men’s team final. Tat Thai Nguyen and Pham Minh Tuan went on to win almost outright, leaving doubles master Le Quoc Khanh still out of action. Phu Nhuan’s opponent is District 6, and also does not need doubles to eliminate District 3.

In the women’s team, the final is a match between the top two teams in the group stage. Phu Nhuan almost won Division 1 even though Dao Minh Trang didn’t play. It even required a 6-0, 6-0 absolute victory for Thai Thi Diem Thuy to advance to the finals in Division 5, as players from Division 12 gave up in Game 2.

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