Cancel Brazil Super Classic – Argentina – Juventus reach deal with Memphis Depay

03 Sep 2022 | 15:04 | LATEST POSTS

Brazil vs Argentina Super Classic cancelled

The World Football Association (FIFA) has just confirmed that the 2022 South American World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Argentina has been postponed since September last year and will be cancelled without a replay.

Minutes after the match, Brazilian security and health officials stormed the pitch to arrest the Argentine player for allegedly violating Covid-19 prevention protocols.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
The Brazilian Super Classic against Argentina has been cancelled.

The Argentine team then withdrew from the game and returned home, citing a lack of security during the match and authorities unreasonable arrests of anyone violating FIFA rules of the game. At the same time, after the incident, the Brazilian team still went to the warm-up field to wait for the game (although it has been determined that it will not be played), in order to strive for 3 points.

Although the matter was announced by FIFA to investigate, it took a long time for the results to be released. Meanwhile, Brazil and Argentina are still in play in their next qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in South America, earning an early right to the final despite being one game short of their other rivals. Therefore, the postponement of Brazil and Argentina, if reorganized, is completely pointless, as it does not affect any rankings or participation in the 2022 World Cup at all.

Under the ruling, Brazil and Argentina will be free to arrange friendly matches in September. Brazil are in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar later this year. Argentina are in Group C with Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Neymar and a not so smooth 5 years at Paris Saint-Germain

In early August 2017, Neymar officially became a Paris Saint-Germain player after a noisy deal. In all fairness, the 1992-born player is still showing top quality. However, Neymar’s other problems have somehow overwhelmed the player’s expertise.

The ego is so big that Neymar puts his personal interests ahead of his collective interests. There have been many times this player has fought for penalties with his team-mates in order to increase the number of goals. There are also many times when Neymar is simply unhappy because he wants to fulfill his demands.The Brazilian player has also been questioned for returning to work alone in Brazil due to an intentional injury

In the summer of 2019, Neymar wants to return to his old club Barcelona, ​​and the Catalonia team is also preparing for a financial buyback. However, Paris Saint-Germain’s hard-line approach prevented the deal from going through. The French team is ready to let Neymar go and give Mbappe a chance to develop, but it will not be easy, because it is difficult for any team to meet the star’s high salary and unprofessional attitude. Brazilian.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
The five years between Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain have not been smooth.

Juventus reach agreement with Memphis Depay

Tuttosport (Italy) report that Juventus and Depay have reached a personal agreement. As such, the Dutch player will join Juve on a two-year contract with an option to extend for another year this summer. Depay’s salary is 5 million euros, plus a bonus of 1.5 million euros.

Juve won’t have to pay a transfer fee in the deal, as Barca agreed to release Depay from his contract. The Dutch star was no longer in manager Xavi’s plans this summer when Barca brought in a good attacking star. Pushing Depay away will also help Barcelona reduce the salary fund so that they can register to play as a rookie.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
Juventus reach agreement with Memphis Depay.

Barcelona files claim against Chelsea over Aubameyang

Chelsea are still looking for a striker to replace the departing Romelu Lukaku. Against this backdrop, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a priority target. At Barca, Aubameyang’s chances are seriously threatened following the arrival of Robert Lewandowski. Barcelona are said to be ready to sell Aubameyang if they receive the right offer.

Dortmund ‘quote’ Akanji for Inter Milan

Dortmund centre-back Manuel Akanji is on Inter Milan’s radar. Italy are looking to strengthen their defense after parting ways with Ranocchia. Akanji’s contract with Dortmund has only one year left, so the transfer fee is low, which is another reason for Inter Milan’s interest in the player. Dortmund bid 15 million euros for Akanji, and Inter Milan are waiting for the “approval” of president Zhang Weiting to buy the player.

Previously, Inter Milan sold the young midfielder Casadi to Chelsea for 16.4 million pounds (including additional fees), and is expected to use the money to buy Akanji.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
Dortmund are ready to sell Akanji for 15 million euros.

Barcelona raise price of Aubameyang

Chelsea and Barcelona are still negotiating a move for Aubameyang, according to news hunter Fabrizio Romano. Barca initially thought the fee was only 20 million euros, but that figure has now been raised to 30 million euros. However, coach Xavi wants to keep Aubameyang at Camp Nou.

Chelsea boss Todd Boley will personally be involved in the negotiations. He is reviewing the terms of the agreement and Aubameyang’s personal deal. Only then did Chelsea make a formal transfer offer.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
Barcelona want to sell, but coach Xavi wants to keep Aubameyang.

Mbappe vs Messi Raft – Neymar

According to Le Parisien, Mbappe is trying to establish himself at Paris Saint-Germain. The French player has made a request to eliminate the South American element of the squad following his contract extension. The departures of director Leonardo and coach Pochettino are said to be linked to Mbappe.

As for the players, Paris Saint-Germain also let Di Maria go free. In addition, they are also about to let go of Icardi, Paredes and Rafinha. Neymar was also sold from the start of the transfer window, but Galtier’s arrival helped him stay. However, after a penalty shootout with Mbappe, Neymar’s future is again champions.

According to Paris Saint-Germain fans, Hakimi appears to be a member of Mbappe. The Moroccan player failed to pass the ball to Messi every time at the opposition end. Hakimi seems to only pass on to Mbappe, otherwise he will be finished.

Brazil Super Classic against Argentina cancelled - Juventus agrees deal with Memphis Depay
“Ashraf Hakimi always ignores Messi and Neymar at the end of the game. Wait, he’s Mbappe’s best friend,” one fan mocked Hakimi.

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