Le Quang Liem loses to French prodigy – Pham Le Xuan Loc shines at National Youth Championship

20 Sep 2022 | 09:25 | LATEST POSTS

Le Quang Liem loses to French ‘prodigy’

The FTX Crypto Cup is one of the three main prizes in the Champions Chess Tour 2022 9 event system. The FTX Crypto Cup brings together 8 world super masters including the “chess king” Magnus Carlsen.

Players will play round robin. In each game, the two players will play 4 quick games, and the 2-2 draw will be followed by a series of blitz tiebreakers. The total prize value of the FTX Crypto Cup is up to $210,000. Of these, players will receive $2,500 for each point earned.

Le Quang Liem loses to French prodigy - Pham Le Xuan Loc shines at National Youth Championship
Le Quang Liem failed in front of the French “prodigy”.

In the first match, Guanglian lost 1.5-2.5 to world No. 6 Levin Aronian, who won the FIDE World Cup twice. In the second match, Quang Liem’s ​​challenge was even greater when the opponent was world No. 4 Alireza Firouzja.

However, Alireza Firouzja calmed down and made a wise decision to switch troops from move 16 and gradually take over the game. As a result, Quang Liem lost the game after 30 moves.

The loss became a psychological burden for Quang Liem, while Alireza Firouzja remained confident in the third innings attack. After 29 strokes, the French “prodigy” completely dominated. However, Guang Lian still worked hard, hoping to regain half a point. However, Vietnam’s No. 1 player had to accept defeat after 85 moves.

As a result, Quang Liem ended up losing 0.5 – 2.5 to Alireza Firouzja. In the next match, Guanglian will face defending World Cup champion Jan-Krzysztof Duda.

QK7 Junior Shine National Youth Road Cycling Championships Day 2

On match day 17 August 2022, the event features 4 under-16 and 17-18 year old men’s and women’s competitions. In the 17-18-year-old men’s 22-kilometer individual race, Fan Lechunlu of the Seventh Military Region won the championship with impressive results. Thirteen cyclists competed in the men’s 20km under-16 race. Victory belongs to Lin Jiahao of the same tower.

Le Quang Liem loses to French prodigy - Pham Le Xuan Loc shines at National Youth Championship
Pham Le Xuan Loc won the 17-18 year old men’s 22km individual time trial.

In the content of the two women, the contest is also quite exciting. Six female cyclists aged 17-18 participated in the individual timed 20km race. The winner of this stage is Nguyen Thi Behong of Dong Thap. What remained was the women’s individual under-16 11km time trial, which ended with a victory for Thach Thi Ngoc Thao (Dong Thap).

Tomorrow (August 18), the competition continues with the Under-16 and 17-18 boys and girls team time events.

August 17, 2022 Race Results (Under 16 and Individual Timed Men and Women 17-18)

Women under 16

  1. Thach Thi Ngoc Thao (42) Dong Thap
  2. Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa (43) Dong Thap
  3. Cao Thi Kim Nhu (38) An Giang

Men under 16

  1. Lin Jiahao (13) same tower
  2. Tran Trong Phuc (27) Dong Nai
  3. Le Duc Tien (01) Hanoi

Female 17-18 years old

  1. Nguyen Thi Be Hong (108) Tongta Lottery
  2. Lim’s Shui Duong (119) Ho Chi Minh City
  3. Nguyen Thi Kim Vang (176) An Giang

Male 17-18 years old

  1. Fan Lechunlu (81) 7th Military Region
  2. Dang Thanh Duoc (84) Dong Nai
  3. Pham Minh Fang (91) Ho Chi Minh City

2022 Ho Chi Minh City Athletic Conference Tennis Results

The tennis content of the 2022 Ho Chi Minh City Athletic Conference will start at 08:00 on August 17 and enter the third day of the competition to determine the remaining teams for the women’s team semifinals and men’s quarterfinals.

It was also the day when Phu Nhuan fought against the mighty Tat Thai Nguyen, Pham Minh Tuan, “Net King” Le Quoc Khanh…

Phu Nhuan’s 3-0 victory over CATP 1 was not difficult. Competing with Phu Nhuan for the final is District 1 (1) after a 3-0 civil war in District 1 (2). District 3 also fully won a seat in District 5 (2) to advance to the semi-finals. The remaining places in the women’s semi-finals could easily belong to the first division, as Ping Qing gave up.

Le Quang Liem loses to French prodigy - Pham Le Xuan Loc shines at National Youth Championship
Pham Minh Tuan (left) takes a place in the semi-finals at Phu Nhuan.

Vietnam women’s volleyball team meets Thailand in 5 sets

On August 15, 2022, the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team just played a friendly match with the Thai team (Line 2). Unfortunately, our girls lost 2-3 after 5 sets (21-25, 22-25, 25-20, 25-21, 15-17).

The Vietnamese women’s team is preparing to take part in the 2022 AVC Cup International Volleyball Cup to be held in the Philippines from August 21 to 29. Head coach Nguyen Jun Kieu’s teachers and students will be in Group A with China, Iran, the home team Philippines and South Korea. Group A. In Group B, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand will compete.

Le Quang Liem loses to French prodigy - Pham Le Xuan Loc shines at National Youth Championship
Vietnam women’s volleyball team and Thailand women’s volleyball team B team created a wonderful 5-set match.

National U23 Volleyball Championship postponed

As expected, the 2022 Vietnam U23 Volleyball Championship will be held in Do Nong on September 1, 2020. December 5-18, 2022However, as the 2022 National Gymnastics Games were moved to mid-December, the Vietnam Volleyball Federation had to adjust the time and hold the 2022 Vietnam U23 Championships one month earlier. It is also expected to be in Dak Nong from 6th to 19th November.

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