U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match – 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals

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U20 Vietnam lost to Japan, useful “exercise”

As part of Japan’s training plan to prepare for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers, Vietnam U20 played a very rewarding practice match against Japan U20 at noon on August 17.

This is also the first practice match of the U20 Vietnam team in Japan in a total of 3 practice matches. In front of the opponent, the higher-level Japanese U20 host, coach Dinh The Nam, took full advantage of all the players’ opportunities to play.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
U20 Vietnam lost to Japan, a useful exercise.

On the Japanese U20 side, the match with Vietnam U20 is also considered a very meaningful “exercise” for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers. So serve the job in the most efficient way possible. Professionally, the BHL of your team has agreed to organize 3 rounds of 40 minutes with the BHL of Vietnam U20.

Since the game was held in Narashino City and the Vietnam U20 team had to take off from Osaka, the players were not in good shape. Also, the game took place at 11:00 local time, contrary to the familiar time frame, so the players didn’t catch up very well.

However, the Vietnamese U20 players only conceded 1 goal in the first half, and under the circumstance that they played well in the second half, they also achieved good results in the first two rounds. However, in the third round, with the advantages of physical foundation and higher level, Japan U20 showed its advantages and scored 4 goals in a row against Vietnam U20, ending with a total score of 5-0.

On August 18, the Vietnam U20 team will continue training at the J-Green Sakai Training Center. The team also has 2 practice matches against U18 Cezero Osaka on August 22nd and Osaka Sangyo University on August 25th. Both games were held at the J-Green Sakai Training Center.

Women’s Nations Cup 2022 schedule and live semi-finals

The defending champion Ho Chi Minh City I team showed outstanding strength with a victory record in Group A. Although it has not yet fallen into the hands of Huang Ren, the team of coach Kim Zhi easily won the top spot and won the game with the strength of the best player. .

The challenge will come to them in the semi-finals when Than KSVN shows great determination to create surprises. The team defeated Phong Phu Ha Nam in a head-to-head match in the final round of the group stage. The semi-final between Ho Chi Minh City I and Than KSVN will be held on 18th August at 16:00.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
2022 National Cup Women’s Soccer Championship schedule and live stream semi-finals.

The remaining semi-finals will have the presence of Hanoi Club I. The team also showed their strength with a winning record in Group B. They are the only team that has not conceded a goal this year.

Facing them will be a challenge named Thai Nguyen T&T. Overall, Hanoi Club I and Ho Chi Minh City I are still rated higher in the two semi-finals.If they play well, both teams will make the final worth the wait

The Hanoi I Club vs Thai Nguyen T&T match was played on August 18th at 19:00 and was broadcast live on VTV6 channel.

4 teams determined to participate in the 2022 National U15 semifinals

On the afternoon of August 17th, the last two games of the national U15 round quarter-finals ended with the victory of HAGL and PVF. In Ham Rong 5, HAGL played Viettel. HAGL showed the ability to control the ball and create better chances. In the end, the “Mountain City” team defeated Vettel 3-1.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
U15 HAGL and U15 PVF advance to the 2022 National U15 Semi-Finals.

At the same time, PVF faced Hanoi. PVF outright prevailed against Hanoi, eventually winning 4-1. Therefore, 4 names have been identified that will win tickets to the 2022 National U19 semi-finals, including: U15 SLNA, H15 Hue, U15 HAGL and U15 PVF.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
The 2022 national U15 semi-final schedule.

The semi-finals will be played at Pleiku Stadium on August 20 with two pairs: U15 Hue vs U15 PVF and U15 SLNA vs U15 HAGL. Both games will be broadcast live on VTVcab’s On Sports+ TV channel and Fanpage & Youtube Next Sports system.

VFF secures quality opponents for Vietnam Tel on FIFA Day

After the Indian Football Federation (AIFF) received the World Football Federation (FIFA) to suspend all activities, plans for a friendly match in the framework of the Vietnam Call FIFA Day in September 2022 were suddenly severely affected. With this penalty, the Indian team will not be able to travel to Vietnam for the Tam Hung friendly in Ho Chi Minh City from September 21 to 27.

This has resulted in Vietnam’s sudden “lose” of a friendly opponent as it prepares for the AFC Cup at the end of 2022 and retains its place in the FIFA rankings. It is understood that according to FIFA regulations, the Asian teams ranked 1-25 will not have to participate in the first round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, but will directly enter the second round of the qualifiers.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
VFF made sure to find quality opponents for Vietnam on FIFA Day.

At present, Vietnam Telecom ranks 17th in Asia. If there are many friendly matches and good results, the teachers and students of Coach Park Hengrui will not only maintain the above ranking and create favorable conditions for the dream of the World Cup, but also have a chance to win the World Cup. It can even be upgraded.

It is understood that as soon as VFF received the “sad news” from India, it urgently sent invitations to VFF’s multiple strategic partners and football associations in some Asian countries. This can be considered a mandatory task for the VFF, as the Vietnamese team will not have much chance to improve their skills if only the Singapore team remains in the friendly.

Guang Hai announces bad news for Vietnam Tel at AFF Cup 2022

Not long ago, the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) closed the 2022 AFF Cup schedule, which was originally scheduled to be held at the end of this year. Therefore, the 2022 AFC Cup will be played after the 2022 World Cup final. The No. 1 football championship in Southeast Asia is scheduled to start on December 23 and end on January 15, 2023.

The bad news for NHM is that Nguyen Quang Hai, the current No. 1 player in Vietnamese football, may not be able to return to the army with the team. As it is not part of FIFA Day, Pau FC reserves the right not to release personnel during the AFF Cup. At that time, Ligue 1 entered the second round stage, and it still played as normal every week.

The absence of Quang Hai is a loss for Vietnam, which may affect coach Park Heng-seo’s determination to win back the title from Thailand. However, the same has happened with elephant money, with star Chanathip also recently confirming that he will not play in the 2022 AFC Cup due to the need for a rest period.

Vietnam Football August 17: Vietnam U20 friendly match 6 losses to Japan
Guang Hai reported bad news for Vietnam at the 2022 AFC Cup.

U20 World Cup leader Vietnam joins Hanoi FC

Hanoi FC’s homepage reports that midfielder Huang Xinxing will officially become a member of the Hengtian Stadium team. The deal came on the last day of the mid-season transfer window.

According to the Hanoi club, the rookie born in 1998 will prepare for the 13th round of the 2022 V-League in Binh Duong with his teammates and wear the No. 3 jersey of the Premier League team. . Dollar.

Not long ago, Hanoi FC loaned two of their young midfielders to another team. Vu Tien Long joined the People’s Police, while Dang Van Toi worked for the Haiphong.

U20 Vietnam loses to Japan in friendly match - 4 teams confirmed for 2022 National U15 semi-finals
Huynh Tan Sinh officially joins Hanoi FC.

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